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Giada Oliveto and the "therapy" of art

Giada Oliveto and the “therapy” of art

We publish a contribution that appeared on Ticino7, attached to laRegione

Born in Locarno, she is an independent curator. He lives and works between Rome and Lugano, and his personal research oscillates between historical phenomena of society and feminist groups. She is co-director of the collection and gallery space for Sonnenstube in Lugano, runs the virtual and radio space Canale Milva with Camila Paolino and is part of the Platform team. She has recently been in art residency in Paris at the spaces of the Cité Internationale des Arts and with the duo Fattucchiere (along with Marta Margnetti), at the Swiss Institute in Rome and at the Nida Art Colony (Lithuania).

From the height of 32 years, you can enjoy interesting panoramic views and last year was prime. “It was intense and challenging, but it made me so happy.” Sweaty satiation came with the opening of the gallery, after several years of work take photo At Le Commun in Geneva: “A recognition from the city that was important to my career.” To that has been added winning Swiss Art Awards with Collective Sonnenstube. “This award allowed our group to obtain a residence in Ticino dedicated to the visual arts,” he explains. “Immediately thereafter I was selected in Rome at the Swiss Institute where I, together with Marta Marganetti, were able to immerse myself in research on Italian feminism in the seventies and today also in connection with the Nemesiache group in Naples.” Working with colleagues and artists she appreciates and admires makes her especially happy: “Collaboration is fundamental to me in the production of exhibitions; in fact, I believe that discussion and the inclusion of different viewpoints are essential today in the creation of art projects.”

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© G. Olivotto

With the bag always ready

After a ten-month artistic residency in Rome, which ended last June, Giada Oliveto was just in time to wash the clothes and put them back in the bag. Always with Margnetti, with the duo Fattucchiere, she left for another art residence in Nida, Lithuania. “Nida Art Colony is an arts and meeting space, surrounded by sand dunes and the sea,” he explains. It is a platform for artistic, educational and research projects that will host the exhibition Sweet Dreams Foundation which we were invited to participate in.” Giada says she always tries to organize herself so that she can travel for research for two or three months a year: “Travel is fundamental to my work and my organizing research. Moving allows me to nurture relationships with Swiss and international artists and connect with organizational and organizational experiences that are new and different from those that can be created in Ticino.”
At the same time, Giada devotes herself to the Lugano Residenza Souvenir Souvenir project ( A creative space in which the Ticino-born group Sonnenstube ( – composed of Giacomo Galletti, Giada Olivoto, Gabriel Stocelli, Sandro Pianetti and Gianmaria Zanda – won the Swiss Art Awards in 2021 in the `Criticism of Organization- Editions’ category. Giada continues a “residency program for artists, researchers, and curators.” The 2022 program takes place between April and September; it is designed to be an invitation to all participants of the 2022 Swiss Art Awards exhibition. For a maximum period of five consecutive days, women artists have the opportunity to settle temporarily in Italian-speaking Switzerland, put themselves in direct contact with the social fabric and art scene of Ticino and promote the building of networks of cultural exchange. Small residences were born with the intention of laying the foundations for a permanent residence in southern Switzerland. The Sonnenstube space is open for activities, exhibitions, presentations, meetings and workshops, if necessary, as well as for closing organizational support and communication with professionals in the sector, spaces and associations in Ticino.

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© Sandro Pianetti – Sonnenstube offspace

Support good ideas

The truth is that working as a curator and living in art in Ticino is difficult: “In our canton things move very slowly, and projects that have been in operation for decades in the rest of Switzerland are often unknown here or not considered important.” But for Giada, “living on art” is not only an important profession within the current cultural landscape, but also a way to become activists for independent culture and self-determination within a difficult and narrow region.
Then there are the personal encounters and relationships: “Overall I am very happy with the structure and the support network that has been created in the art scene of my generation,” Giada comments. “I am surrounded by people and professionals who are willing to suggest and experiment in different directions.” In Ticino, there are few facts that reinforce and prove their professionalism and determination: “I hope that the institutions will help these important facts to emerge in the coming years at the Swiss and international level by supporting them and making them stronger and less dangerous”.
Giada’s curatorial tracks show how the curator’s personality is part of the work. “At this moment in my life, all political practices of self-organization and intersectional feminism are fundamental, two ways in which I work to build and discover new and wonderful landscapes. Now that I am back in Ticino, I am happy to be able to resume with the daily life of the Sonnenstube group. Collective, working on a radio project for Canale Milva and Fattucchiere. And then summer is always an excellent time to think about future projects…”.

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© G. Olivotto

Crash test. With Yuan Modri ​​and Oliviero Fiorenzi. Curated exhibition by Giada Oliveto for Sonnenstube, Spazio Morel (2019)