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Giacomo Ortis, 'VIP Surgeon' intervenes in former Givino's face, and the result is gruesome: 'Face very tight'

Giacomo Ortis, ‘VIP Surgeon’ intervenes in former Givino’s face, and the result is gruesome: ‘Face very tight’

As we all know, Giacomo Ortis is an amazing plastic surgeon in the star world and in recent months he has had the opportunity to make himself better known by the general public at home big brother vip. Together with Valeria Marini during the last edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, his participation in GF Vip 5Who saw a victory, Tommaso Zorzi. One method, and especially the last method, is not without its tensions and dissatisfaction. However, even after this experience, he returned to his profession of serving VIPs, thus fulfilling all their desires and needs. But maybe something went wrong, to the point that some web users went crazy. This is what happened with her. Many celebrities have had plastic surgery, as many rely on Giacomo Urtis as an expert in this sector.

In fact, many famous faces like Dayane Mello, Taylor Mega, Vera Gemma or Deianira Marzano have been immortalized at his beauty parlour, which shows their confidence in him. But in particular, the photo posted on Giacomo’s Instagram profile was completely unexpected for his followers. In the photo, Urtis depicts himself alongside his ex-giffino del GF Vip 6Who is lying beside him on the sofa with signs on his face. The patient in the photo is a famous face, which is why web users practically go crazy when they see that photo. In these last hours, in fact, the image of Giucas Casella who visited the Giacomo Urtis Center circulated, where he called to his center to get the “famous vitamins” that certainly have to do with some aesthetic touches.

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So, apparently, before Giucas Casella, several months after the invitation, and in the social files of the plastic surgeon, you can see a photo of the latter ready to fulfill the patient’s request. Of course, there was no shortage of the usual social comments: “His face is very narrow‘, they argue, how difficult it is to accept the passage of time. So, apparently, most of the comments were mostly negative, but often, on social media, this can unfortunately become almost obvious. However, there were also messages of support and appreciative, such as Maria Teresa Rota’s hive daughter, Guida Gória, who instead expressed appreciation for Giacomo Ortis’ work and let us not forget, among other things, that she also participated in Gf Vip 5.

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