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Gf Vip, fans find a video (in bad taste) where Manuel Bortuzzo's new girlfriend jokes about disability

Gf Vip, fans find a video (in bad taste) where Manuel Bortuzzo’s new girlfriend jokes about disability

A video has been on the net for a few minutes and it won’t need any more comments, also because all the people on the web are already pissed off. In fact, a user recently posted a TikTok of Angelica Benfieri.’s new friend Manuel PortozzoWho jokes about disability.

The video dates back a few years, however, Internet users managed to find it, which caused a torrent of criticism directed at the girl.

Meanwhile, it continues at full speed love story with Manuel Portozzo. Recently Angelica He answered some questions from his followers on his profile, where he confirmed that the two are good together. Then he said that TikToks will be arriving soon with ex-Vippone del Gf Vip 6.

One fan pointed out that she doesn’t see her often with the swimmer. here is an answer Benevieri:

Many of you ask me this, but I’m with manu I see myself do not worry. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t see the stories with him, we don’t see each other, we just prefer enjoying our moments. That’s it.