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Gf Vip, Alex Belli chi sceglierà tra Delia e Soleil: gli indizi parlano chiaro

Gf Vip, Alex Belli who will choose between Delia and Soleil: the clues speak for themselves

Tonight Alex Belli will enter the House of Gf Vip to resolve the situation with Delia and Soleil, but who will choose between the two? In the past few days, clues seem to clarify what his pick is.

Alex Bailey has already chosen between Delia and Sulli? Who will choose between the two? This is the most common question among people, which lies in anyone’s mind, dictated by curiosity to know and know how this story will end. Starting tonight, in the context of the new episode, a new chapter will open. Actor Centovetrine will return to Gf Vip . House. Vipponi has now found out what surprise awaits them and they have mixed reactions. Delia was almost skeptical about the news, while Sully immediately went to Alessandro Bacciano to inform him of this and revealed that he had already told her. But let’s try to answer the initial question.

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Gf Vip, Alex Belli has already picked and chooses…

Alex Bailey In recent months, he has continued to make people talk about himself and his history with him Delia And his special friendship with Soleil Although he left Casa del GF VIP in December. And for the night he will have the opportunity to return and dispel any doubts, everyone wonders who he will choose.

Perhaps it is still too early to say, but in fact he has already chosen it and has already revealed it with gestures, words, and actions. When will you say? On several occasions, in fact.

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how to forget The confrontation with Alfonso Signorini During one of the last episodes of Gf Vip, where the conductor asked him several questions. And on that occasion, when asked who she would choose between Delia and Sully, Reply: “I will give up Soleil and his friendship for the great love and life plans I have with Delia. I will be giving up Delia for that unique thing I found with Sole.”

but, this is not every thing. He also confirmed during one of the episodes of the reality show that in fact he does not have to choose the reason Already chose To be with Delia because he has a life plan with her and she is his wife. But he can’t and doesn’t even want to give up on Sully because for him there shouldn’t be the possibility of having to choose between one and the other, you should have both, because Sorge is a friend.

Finally, the last gesture that can confirm this hypothesis (because it is a hypothesis) is the plane sent to his wife: “Delia, you are the only woman in my lifeSo, will he really choose Delia or not?