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GF Vip 6, two potential giffinis already close?  The picture is suspicious

GF Vip 6, two potential giffinis already close? The picture is suspicious

Big Brother VIP

One of the stills depicts the former Temptation Island participant in the company of a girl, apparently Clarissa Haile Selassie: they both should be contestants in the new version of the reality show hosted by Signorini

Tommaso Eletti by Big Brother Vibe Already close to Princesses of Ethiopia? Nothing official yet, but it looks like he’s going to land in the most spying house Previous Temptation Island 2021 participant. Not only that, there is also talk of the entry of the three Ethiopian princesses Jessica, Lucrezia and Clarissa Haile Selassie. The sisters, who are descendants of Haile Selassie (the last emperor of Ethiopia), must participate in the reality show they host Alfonso Signorini as a single competitor.

And now he is A picture of Tommaso standing in front of the camera, Next to a girl who appears to be one of the three sisters, Clarissa. To make this shot known, Deianira Marzano, on her next Instagram account. Influencer wonders Why is Tommaso with a princess, before the start GF VIP. “They are already walking around what to do at home?” , This is what Deanira asks.

Tommaso elects with Clarissa

Eletti participated in the latest edition of Temptation Island, accompanied by what is now his ex-girlfriend, Valentina Noli Augusti. Their story, in the reality of temptations, has come to an end. Tommaso’s stance has caused a lot of discussion, but Signorini seems ready to welcome him to this new experience. As for the two Ethiopian sisters, Lucrezia and Clarissa are little known on the small screen, while Jessica attended the second edition of Rekanza on Mtv.

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While they are now official Katia Ricciarelli and Sophie Codegoni, Which It has already sparked some controversyThe rumors persist over the entire Sixth Edition crew. In recent days, some clues launched by the official Instagram account of the reality show, Asma Raffaella Vico and Solly Surg. It is also believed that Manila Názaro is ready to enter the Cinecittà House.

In the meantime, it appears that the sixth edition of the GF Vip It starts on the wrong foot. it will be Tensions between Adriana Volpi and Sonia Bruganelli, commentators. Now we just have to wait to see what it will be cast sixth edition, which will start at prime time From Monday 13th September.