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Gf Vip, Pamela Prati ‘sbugiardata’ da Eliana Michelazzo: “Anche lei sapeva”

GF Vibe, Pamela Prati ‘misunderstood’ Eliana Michelazzo: ‘I knew too’

On tonight’s episode of Gf Vip, a new background has emerged regarding the Mark Caltagirone case.

Just a week ago During the Gf Vip episode, Pamela Prati told the whole truth about the Mark Caltagirone case. During last Thursday’s episode Alfonso Signorini had consulted with some Phoebus asking for their opinion on the matter. In tonight’s episode instead Inform everyone – Even if Pamela Prati knew in advance that the subject would still be talked about – That during yesterday’s episode of Verissimo Ileana Michelazzo gave an exclusive interview. Where was unveiled? unpublished wallpaper Thus, we reverse what was said by the showgirl. That’s what he said.

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Gf Vip, interview by Eliana Michelazzo flips the truth about Pamela Prati

On tonight’s episode of Gf Vip Alfonso Signorini, he made his debut by announcing that he met Pamela Prati’s lawyer at noon to assess the situation. Regarding the Marc Caltagirone case. This has been “served” to serve Interview by Eliana Michelazzoone of two former clients of Pamela Prati, Released exclusively for Verissimo by Silvia Toffanin.

The train conductor first showed and then quoted excerpts of what Eliana Michelazzo had said in the interview. The former agent revealed it for the first time Pamela Prati was as much a victim as she was. But then he emphasized some points that didn’t match – or didn’t work out – with what the showgirl had said. Actually, talk about one paparazzi Where Bratti can be peeked with the alleged Mark Caltagirone (later found out that he wasn’t ‘real’) and revealed that he was in fact Fibona with the other agent Pamela Bericicolo who organized him. But Pamela Prati during the confrontation with Signorini denied everything.

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Finally, the conductor of the orchestra made Pamela Prati participate in a Investigations update regarding the children involved in the case. The judge, after analyzing the positions of the three women, came to the conclusion that Pamela Prati is not under investigation. Unlike Perricciolo and Michelazzo who will have to attend the trial in February.