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GF Fib 6, Clarissa Selassie vs David Silvestri: "Strategist, I'm beating him..."

GF Fib 6, Clarissa Selassie vs David Silvestri: “Strategist, I’m beating him…”

in a a house subordinate Big Brother Vip 6 The atmosphere of tension continues. Clarissa Selassie Can’t stand the behavior David Silvestri And also lulu Agrees with his sister.

It all started because DavidHe joked, after Friday’s episode Sophie Codejoni: “Basialo you Manuel Since you don’t have lipstick on and you don’t smudge it.” lulu I was offended and then I talked to her in the garden Clarissa He said: “Let’s hope he stays amedeo. I also hope that you will leave me **. Referring to Silvestri.

Then ClarissaTalking to other guys in the orange room, she attacked hard David:

Is it closed? For me it is bad. I don’t talk to him then. You don’t have to and I haven’t signed a contract that says ‘You have to talk to him David What is his name’. You’re rude to me “Here are people who don’t do shit” You don’t tell me. You should never use this arrogance, never because I beat you like a train my love, I beat you like a train.

The princess can’t stand her attitude and thinks he’s strategic and insensitive: “I was expecting more sensitivity from some of the people on this board, but I see that there is none.”

In the bathroom, then Givini had a clarification. over there Selassie I explained to the actor the episodes she didn’t like. She also thinks he’s behaving this way because, in fact, he’s a strategist:

I don’t like what you’re saying. Tell bad jokes. Like the Friday after the episode you told me Manuel Let yourself be kissed Sufi Which is better’. When you know very well that he is with my sister. This too could have been avoided. You can save this. After all, my gosh, I don’t know what they say in Italian…well after all. At first I was someone I got along well with, I was with him and I was an honest person. But in the past few days, I’ve noticed some strategic behavior. But with your joke, I would have offended both of them lulu who – which Manuel.

David He replied that in the event of a problem with a competitor, the game includes the nomination:

I’m a fake, I’m a strategist, a perfect name for me. I agree with what you say. I am a shy person, and I am also in life with everyone unfortunately, actually this game is tiring for me. Because I am. I really struggle when I’m with a lot of people, I’m so closed off. I’m not a strategist because I have no problem going out, this is not my life.

In the end, Silvestri He also wanted to set the record straight with lulu And he gave her a word In the episode that happened with Sorge:

I’m not fake and I want to tell you things on your face. That story with Soleil Dislike. As a spectator, I see people who are getting hard at one thing. And I will tell you in the face, so that no one can say what he will say behind your back. In my opinion, you have realized that she is stronger than you and as a group you want to attack her when there is a leak. Well, it slipped, but you want to stick it to something simple that happened. Because it is stronger and therefore you want to eliminate it. If you had said instead: “Soleil You’re hurting us, don’t say that word anymore because you might offend a lot of people’s sensitivity and make a bad impression.” But no, she attacked her as a group for several days, and she didn’t even accept her apology.