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Georgia, from singer to actress: debuted as a hero in the cinema

His voice is unmistakable and his songs have been with us for a very long time. Giorgia, on the other hand, is among the most appreciated and famous songwriters in Italy and abroad for good reason. If her musical talent had not been questioned, now a new challenge would come to her: she would become, For the first time in his life, an actress.

Giorgia will make her cinematic debut and, contrary to what one might imagine, it will not be just a short appearance. The singer, in fact, You will take on the leading role. to trust her, Rocco Papalio, who wanted her so badly in his new venture, forgottenThe fourth movie he directed.

The news comes directly from Papaleo, first with a short video posted on Twitter, and then via the pages of Repubblica, who told him some details about the new film and what he expects from his collaboration. Georgia.

It’s a comedy – Declared on Twitter – I hope it’s funny, with a poetic twist. I am very happy that I was able to convince Giorgia, after much persistence and many years, that after rejecting her unusually enormous talent for music, she decided to play the main female role in the film.

Starting at the end of August, Georgia She will start her first experience as an actress in the group forgotten in Basilicata. You will play an eccentric physiotherapist with a heavenly voice. To guide her, there will be, in fact, Papalio who has finally fulfilled the dream of working with the singer who For him it is a real fetish.

the – I acknowledge – I’ve always seen that possibility in them. I’ve known her since she was a little girl, her humanity, her empathy, her smile and her swing. I’m really excited.

Georgia, this year, you won’t be the only singer to pass From the big stages to the set. In the past few weeks, Also Elodie She announced that she would embark on an acting experience, to take the lead in a movie dedicated to the big screen.

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Georgia, like Elodie, will undoubtedly show all her charisma and personality to counter this New and exciting challenge. Will her debut in the movie be an isolated case, or will the singer understand that she can delight her fans with acting in the future? Rocco Papalio, just like many of the people who have always supported him, has no doubts: it will be a success.