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Genoa, tourists chase 27 disabled people by train: Team returns to Milan by bus

Genoa, tourists chase 27 disabled people by train: Team returns to Milan by bus

Genoa – Twenty-seven disabled children Got on Regional 3075 was to bring them back to Milan from the Genoa Piazza PrincipeOr, and what they were Reserved seatsTourists boarding the train in front of them occupied the reserved seats, forcing them to disembark. He flatly refused to let them sitAnd. A Shame on youThe compulsion to set up Trinidadia quickly was very serious A special bus Children with disabilities and their caregivers can be brought to Milan.

It all started in the afternoon when there was the Genoa Piazza Princip Station Occupied by many tourists Who spent the day in Liguria. There was also a group of young and very young disabled people on the beach waiting for the region. Train, slightly delayed Destroyed at Alban StationQ. From someone who enjoyed dropping the fire extinguisher that forced Trinidadia to change carts and breaking the columns of the hand purifier. Attacked by tourists Occupied all carriages, including the front carriage reserved for disabled children and their companions. When they got to the head of the train, the boys’ accomplices pointed out that the carriage had been booked, but nothing could be done.

Despite the presence of three railway police officers and Trinidadian staff, including tourists and conductor They refused to get up Disability Amara. Nothing and no one apparently managed to force tourists Leave the seats. Thus the disabled children were disembarked, and Trinidadia quickly prepared a bus dedicated to the disabled, which departed immediately and brought the children to Milan.

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“What happened today on the direct train from Genoa to Milan was shamefulA chapter to be tainted. Mark the total Lack of respect and sensitivity for the disabled. Despite the intervention of Trinidadian operators and Bolfer agents, nothing could be done, “said Ligurian Governor Giovanni Totti and Transport Councilor Gianni Perino. What happened was doubly serious, not just because the train was damaged by strangers. Passengers – ends Perino – but above all what happened in Genoa, the unspeakable chapter must be firmly condemned “.