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Geneva Queen Syracusean International Golf Cup

Geneva Queen Syracusean International Golf Cup

Syracuse. At just nine years old, Ginevra Cuba was already a star in Italian golf, and now at 14, the gorgeous Syracusean champion has come a long way on greens around the world. The talent and pure class of a technical daughter with her father Adolfo Cuba who wrote in Ortigia Syracuse shirts pages of handball history.

Geneva Cup At only 14 years old is an international golf star

2022 has already opened in great fashion for Geneva who concluded 2021 with a victory at the French Under-14 Championship in Chantilly, where they were confirmed as the strongest under-14 team in Europe with a dedicated victory against a very important team. Internationally, he thus concluded his career in this category with a boom. An affirmation for Geneva who has already demonstrated in the past his ability to compete and excel not only among teenagers but also with athletes of the absolute category.

Thus, the Italian Golf Federation decided, in his honor and in appreciation of the efforts of the whole Sicilian movement and in particular of Mira Golf Monastery, to hold a meeting of the women’s national team at the Jules Monastery structure last January and, after that, entrusted to Mira Golf the organization of the first national golf course consisting of 54 holes in 2022. The difficulties of the stadium, one of the most complex and longest in Italy, are the characteristics that bring it much closer to the most complex. The designs of the golf courses where the international season will soon be developed, the ‘facilities’ offered by the Mira Golf Resort have made Etihad choose to institutionalize the event.

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The development of the pandemic has moved everything this year to February, as Syracuse and the Mira Golf Resort Monastery become the capital of Italian golf and will be in January 2023 which will see the march again in the national team and the simultaneous organization of the second round of the 54th National Championship that will open the next competitive season.

Geneva Cup in action

Given the importance, the Syracuse race was also valid for entry into the Wagr (World Amateur Golf Ranking) and thus counted for having athletes from the national team an area of ​​absolute interest. There were 54 holes in the brilliant Sicilian sun that saw all the athletes work hard for three days, and Ginevra Kopa, playing in the colors of Royal Park I Roveri in Turin, dominated all three laps, leaving the second seeded behind. shots.

It is the result that allowed the Geneva Cup to enter the world rankings and, accordingly, have the right to participate in all the most prestigious international tournaments with an absolute rating. Another milestone for a very young Syracusean who can now, to the delight of dad Adolfo and mom Elga, compete and aspire to participate, and perhaps win, in the most important fields in the world.

She entered the Geneva Cup at the age of fourteen in the world golf rankings

“Now I want to continue training with great sacrifices – Geneva making their debut – not forgetting nor disregarding school commitments and after that I want to participate in as many valid races as possible to climb the world ranking in Italy and abroad and perhaps win some admiration. I did it at Monasteri and earned a call-up to the national team for the European Championships. But the real dream is to win the right to participate in the Augusta Master programme, the flagship that takes place every year in April in the USA and maybe….make history!”.

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If this does not speak like a hero. Come to Geneva!

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