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General practitioner also for homeless citizens: the law adopted in Emilia-Romagna. It is the first region in Italy


L ‘Emilia Romagna It is the first Italian region to also provide a general practitioner to homeless citizens. The military council, on December 29, gave the final green light to the ruling, which states that Italian citizens who do not have a home, do not reside in countries other than Italy and without any health care. You will be able to register in the health record To choose a GP and to ensure – like everyone else – the so-called Leah, “Basic Levels of Assistance”.

“A fundamental right, which is the right to health, which cannot be denied to anyone and that it is the duty of the institution to guarantee it to all,” declared the Vice President in charge of Welfare, Eli Schlein, Regional Health Policy Adviser, Raphael Donini. “This is the universal and universal health care that we want and for which we work every day, along with the regions. A health care that guarantees aid and care for all its citizens without any discrimination.”

The selection of the GP is for a fixed term and is valid for one year, Provided that the citizen remains on the regional soil. It is approved by the issuance of the registration form for regional health services by the health registry. To get it, the homeless must go to the health registry with a form issued by social services From the municipality certifying that he/she possesses the required requirements, and brings with him/her identification document, tax code and/or extract of birth certificate. they will be Municipal Social Services To take charge of qualified citizens and follow them in the necessary procedures for registration and selection of a doctor.

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