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Gemma is puzzled by a sudden escape

New appointment in the afternoon with the TV series Il Paradiso delle Signore on Rai 1: previews this Tuesday

Gemma Zanata character (RaiPlay screenshot)

The Ladies’ paradise He will be back on air again on Tuesday afternoon Starting from 16.05.2007 on me Rai 1. Well-known TV drama continues to impress the audience with numbers and audience personalities that seem to portend a bright future.

On the occasion of the episode that aired this afternoon, in the center of the plot there will again be a character Clara. The young woman is now under fire Irene Cipriani: The foreman considers her impotent in her work.

The rating also made it known to Vittorio Conti Who will decide to act accordingly, causing them to react themselves Clara. The girl will immediately appear upset, alarming even the closest people to her.

Ladies’ paradise, September 27 predictions: Clara’s gesture

Characters Irene Cipriani, Paola Galletti and Clara Boscolo (RaiPlay screenshot)

During this new date with the series, a very anxious person will arrive inside the walls of a Milan department store Don Saverio. The man will actually decide to turn first to Vittorio Conti then to Gemma zanata To help his niece Clara. The girl was not found anywhere and appears to have ran away from home after the news of the sudden separation.

Meanwhile, within the walls of heaven, new and unexpected changes will be due to the sudden departure of the two of them Agnes that of Stefania. The first to reach his daughter Tina In London while she was second to present his book. To address these critical absences, Vittorio He will decide to seek help from Paula who will therefore have to lend a helping hand also to the operator.

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leave Stefania The father will be contacted Ezio Colombo Likewise for the girl’s mother Gloria Morrow. A well-known businessman will reveal to the former chief employee the details of the girl’s job, which aims to release her mother as soon as possible.

To the surprise and in front of everyone Umberto Guarnieri And the Gentile Flora will lead to a reaction Adelaide. The Countess will understand that she has made a terrible mistake, which is to challenge her ex-boyfriend and son-in-law in business: a subject in which Guarnieri is an expert. That’s why he will say Matilda Frigrio Determined to change strategy and sell her shares in Paradise, which led to a chain reaction.