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Gaston Avila, contract with Boca Juniors and totem Walter Samuel

Gaston Avila, contract with Boca Juniors and totem Walter Samuel

Based on a survey of several generations of Boca JuniorsThe best central defender in the history of Giallopi was Roberto mozu and Walter Samuel: The first holds the record for appearances (426 in thirteen championships) and in 1977 won – with the team that was coached by Juan Carlos at the time. LorenzoAnd the superstitious rites and the former luster Lazio And the Rome – The Libertadores Cup against the Cruzeiro and the Intercontinental Cup beating Borussia Moenchengladbach to VogtsAnd the Bonhof And the Simonsen; The latter also became popular in Europe With the nickname “The Wall”, the Wall. Boca Juniors, at 117 years old and 58 trophies (including six South American champions), is not only famous for Diego’s immortal genius Maradona. Or to pave the way for other high-value players like RiquelmeAnd the TevezAnd the ToastAnd the MarzoliniAnd the BatistutaAnd the Rojas. It is also considered a prestigious school at the level of defenders, among the old stoppers and central players who used to mark the area: a group of names they fall into BedoglioAnd the BermudezAnd the Rogerie And the MelendezPeru, leader in the late 1970s.

under 20 years old – And now? Boca has been looking for the new Samuel for some time. In 2019 sold toAjax for nine million lysanders Magellan. He seemed to be the heir of the power plant in the former Rome, Inter And the Real Madrid. Instead, he did not pass the European exam. loaned to Deportivo Alavesto me Croton And now inAnderlechtwhere he plays alongside an acquaintance in the first division: the Dutch Hoedtwhich struggled to establish itself in Lazio. Now the Bombonera gem is called Gaston AvilaAt the age of twenty, he is the owner of the Argentine under-20 team and is closely followed by coach Lionel stairs. meters and 82 left-handed, speed and strength in contrasts.

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Fourth defense His business manager is Carlos Bilic. Avila was born in rosary On September 30, 2001. He has a contract until December 31, 2024. Rodrigo battleBoca Juniors coach, believes he is ready for the big leap. at “Argentina Cup“Last night, lined up for ninety minutes against Central Cordoba, won the match 4-1. In a defensive line of four, Avila moved to the left of center with the number 25 jersey and earned good marks on the press report cards. Quick in recoveries and reading, and commands when he has to adjust the maneuver. he returned to Buenos Aires December 31 last, after a ten-month loan to Rosario CentraL: thirty-five games and three goals for the team led by the former Inter Kelly Gonzalez. He has a brother named Shimiis twenty-eight years old and plays the role of the striker in Spain with the ‘Osasuna.