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Gasoline prices, shop here and get rewards for refueling

Gasoline prices, shop here and get rewards for refueling

In the case of gasoline prices, the costs for all of us remain high, but there is a big name in widespread distribution that comes to greet us with a great gift.

man refueling (Pixabay)

Gasoline pricesA true, unparalleled drama. Although refueling expenses have decreased a few days ago, the costs are still high. So much so that 1.6 or 1.7 euros still looks like a mirage today, while in the normal situation the last thresholds would represent an unfavorable case.

Until today we are over 2 euros for both Gasoline and diesel prices. Some bad guys are taking advantage of this thing and spreading a message about the alleged coupons for making fuel. This is the scam.

However, perfectly legitimate petrol coupons designed to counteract the rising prices of petrol and diesel do exist. In this case, it is the result of an initiative by some people It operates in a wide distribution.

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Gasoline prices, supermarket chain gives fuel rewards

Esselunga logo
Esselunga logo (Photo Esselunga)

Esselunga for example Availability of tickets that can be used to refuel your car at the distributors participating in the initiative. To get them, simply shop at their points of sale, even if at the moment they are limited to a very specific region of Italy.

These vouchers are awarded Only in Vicenzawhere you can take advantage of the bonus €8 of fuel for every €35 spent. This promotion will be valid for approximately one month, having started on March 17th. The last available day to take advantage of this beautiful trick should be April 13th.

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In this way, the overall good is done for the pockets of consumers and the economy in general. Because high prices discourage many from spending and force people to tighten their belts as much as possible. Which is detrimental to the overall economic system.

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at prices of very high gasolineDepartment stores and department stores also pay for it, as there is a tendency to reduce shopping if not when absolutely necessary. So they go well Initiatives that act as incentives.