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G7, Meloni works on documents to bring results home. “Strong and in good spirits”


Preparations for the festival, inspection and preparations by technical experts are in full swing. The ‘big people’ summit is just two days away in Borgo Egnazia, a small town near Fasano, which Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has chosen as the G7 location. She has been on ‘retreat’ since yesterday, to relax with her daughter Ginevra after intense days, but above all, she wants to devote herself to reading the documents on the summit table. It was also a busy day at work – people close to her describe her as “energetic and in great spirits” – working alongside the Sherpas for the decisive encounter. The Prime Minister arrives on the strength of an election result that saw him top European governments. A good card to play already in the nice retreat of Puglia, where the prime minister – the potential ‘queen maker’ at the European negotiating table, officially starting from an informal dinner in Brussels on June 17 – will see Chancellor Olaf Scholes and President Emmanuel Macron. Ursula van der Leyen, who came out of the ballot box with ‘broken bones’ but the Spitzenkandidat, could instead be strengthened by the European vote.

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At the table of Meloni and the Sherpas – among them the summit coordinator Elisabetta Belloni – the final document of the summit, about 30 pages to be defined and polished, was to be written after concluding the agreement with various ‘XXX’. Other leaders. Among the issues to be resolved, a possible agreement is most focused on the issue of frozen Russian assets. The Americans have proposed a 50 billion loan, which should be guaranteed with the proceeds of Russian funds frozen in the Belgian company Euroclear, which owns most of the real estate. Together with those at the EU level, the G7 is also taking into account a number of technical issues, such as the possibility of guaranteeing debt with six months of frozen assets based on a European Council decision. The hope is that we can find the right solution through “diplomatic bureaucracy”, an objective the Prime Minister hopes to achieve, which will guarantee the summit’s complete success.

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