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G20, opening at the fort at 7pm in Bari.  The path of events on the wall.  Armored city

G20, opening at the fort at 7pm in Bari. The path of events on the wall. Armored city

Barry is ready to make his G20 debut. In the Abulian capital, today, June 28, foreign delegates are arriving, and tomorrow they will travel to Modera for meetings of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Development. A new test bed, after the best events of recent times, like the fiscal 2017 G7 and visits Pope Francisco. The city is shielded.

Checks near Hotel delle Nazioni

Barry Project

Foreign delegation leaders will be received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation at Swabian Fort at 7 p.m. Luigi de Mio. However, the corporate reception was one of the planned moments in Barry. The region and the municipality conceived – Barry Chamber of Commerce, Apulian Public Theater, Apulia Film Authority, Buglia Promotion, Goldiretti Puglia, Campagna Amica and Azonology – more than 500 projects between cultural, artistic, musical events and local heritage endeavors. For example, at 8pm with the wall through Venice, tasting wines and apulian specialties, an onocostronomic journey will be set up, with a fireworks display scheduled for 10.30pm.

But during the day, delegates will visit the “Steve McCarthy. Reading” exhibition at the Margarita Theater and the redesigned sites of the Santa Scholastica Archaeological Museum (along with an exhibition on American contemporary art). Again, they can appreciate the special art lighting of the Basilica of San Nicola, the shorels produced by the Apulia Film Commission, the cinematographer Barry and the overseers of the old city displaying the exhibition “Buglia Frame On”. Mind “, on the path between Fortino San Antonio and Santa Scolastica.

In addition, in the same castle, you can hear the “Voices for the Planet” concert conceived by the delegates Roberto Ottaviano, Who will lead the team Carolina Bubico, Angela Esmeralda, Serena Fordeprasio e Lisa Manosperti For voices, Caitano Partipillo In socks, Alberto Parmajiani e Fabrizio Savino For guitars. It is still, Dominico Cartago, Francesco Skepici e Mirco Signoril Pianos and keyboards, Giuseppe Bassi e Giorgio Ventola For double passes, e Fabio Accordi e Tario Congoto For batteries. This will not be the only musical moment: there will be a Petre concert at Largo Mauroziovani, a project born out of the meeting between Federico Lagana, Luca Bucharella e Massimiliano di Marco.

Security measures

Police have been patrolling the city streets since yesterday. Many of the arteries in the center will be closed to ensure further security, and delegates will stay even near the hotels and board the train to Mathura tomorrow. For example, until midnight on June 30, you will not be able to park your car on the streets near the Palace, Oriente, Grande Hotel, Del Nacioni, Nicholas, Excelsior, Barco de Principe and Transit hotels.

“These days – write by the municipality – all Zsr A – B – C – D and Ztl owners can park their car carelessly in all the stalls marked with blue lines in the city, including those in the old city, Ztl and / or Zrs D pass holders, including payment locations. At the Ban e Pomodoro, FPN and Multiservice exchange car parks, you can see their car for free, with a badge. Vittorio Veneto offshore (land side and sea side) “.

Until June 8, 30, public transportation in certain sections of the Piazza Dias off the coast of Nazario Sauro will not be possible via Giantomico Petroni, Lombardy, Villarreal and Siasca. Tomorrow until 8am, Piazza Federico II de Svavia, Piazza Mazari, via Pomonto, via Palazzo del Intense, via Orioni, and some parts via San Francisco de Assisi, Largo Fracagretta and Corso Vitoria. Also, in St. Peter’s Square and on the shores of the Imperator Augusto, it is not possible to walk through Venice (except for pedestrians and residents) until midnight today.

In addition, Amtab buses 2, 2 /, 10, 12, 14, 20, 22, 27, 42, 50, and “A”, “B”, “AB”, “E” (info

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