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Future horse – Fuorigiri


Shareholders meeting Ferrari He offered several insights into the future of the road to the Rampant Horse based on John Elkan’s words It will be electric and high wheels With genuine, The brand’s first SUV. Yes, because in the analysis made by Maranello’s interim CEO, the most impressive statement is the final confirmation of the arrival of an electric Ferrari in the near future. The year 2030 is nothing but 2025, which is a time reference in the automotive world that practically rewards today with times of design and development that usually contain novelties of this size.

New CEO Ferrari, the list of candidates has been shortened

At the same time, Elkann also provided an important timeline on the topic Ferrari Purosangue arrives. The new CEO will be in 2022 to present to the world the world’s first historic high-wheel model from Maranello, the much-discussed FUV, and a Cavallino SUV. The President of Stellantis announced this with enthusiasm, the same thing that was used to predict the arrival of the first fully electric vehicle from the Italian car manufacturer. An enthusiasm that perhaps not all fans of the brand and above all fundamentalists share, but on the other hand, times are changing, and Ferrari will, sooner or later, have to emerge. Sometimes forced revolution. With governments pushing toward tougher emissions regulations, no matter how much technology can take great strides, even the most famous automobile manufacturer, whose models are associated with driving pleasure, sound and those highly segmented cylinders have been forced to steer their choices in a specific direction.

Ferrari 812 Imola, Special Edition will debut on May 5th

I did that Porsche for example, with Taycan It has opened up a new era, and Jaguar will do it, becoming an all-electric brand, and Lamborghini and Maserati are preparing to do so as well. All of them are trying to keep their DNA intact. Sant’Agata Bolognese is also a reference point for SUVs, with the Urus’ success As confirmed by the results obtained in the last quarter. A sign that despite everything, a high wheel can also please those who are used to always caressing the asphalt. Not forgetting a new generation of customers that has grown up in a different market and Ferrari intends also to focus on it. He did it for example with Roma, the new Dolce Vita and it will also do so with Purosangue, offering a collection that would offer various possibilities. As for full electricity, SF90 Stradale He showed that in Maranello it was still possible to enjoy the soul-changing electrical systems of the car. Of course, in this case it is an additional hybrid as there is always a V8 alongside the electric motors, but in theory the engine made in Maranello was an important leap, a precursor to the introduction of technology that could be used in the future.

Ferrari 488 Spider track designed by Charles Leclerc

The ear will need its side and from this point of view, we are sure Cavallino will know how to satisfy the ears of the most demanding customers. On theelectrificationElkan himself was clear: “Our interpretation and application of these technologies in both motorsports and road cars is a great opportunity to transmit the uniqueness and passion of the runaway horse to new generations.” There’s no turning back, so, there’s something Maranello’s new guide will have to deal with: the search for the CEO actually continues, the list is getting shorter but there’s still no name. The new CEO He will take over the reins of Cavallino when the transformation is already underway, but he will have to be able to firmly hold the helm and accompany the brand toward an all-out revolution. A revolution that seems to be pushing the Italian car manufacturer to adopt a broader philosophy, which not only stops at the road, but is able to range and make the brand usable through various channels.

Ferrari manufactures 488 GTB to sell watermelon

Luxury for example with Cavallino debuts in fashion Thanks to the group that will say “Ferrari’s distinct values ​​(craftsmanship, elegance and innovation) will be dedicated to the brand and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world.” Maranello’s future is no longer made only of power, performance and driving pleasure: there’s a total change, going from the road to the shop windows. A revolution with which Cavallino will bring the brand’s DNA into a new era. Purosangue and the first Ferrari electric car are just the beginning.

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