Thursday, July 25, 2024

Funding: Forward Oaktree, aiming to control Inter Rebus sponsorship


Oaktree II Bean Capital Continue working on the file Inter In view of the possibility of financing. The process is based on the second Tuttosport, Especially in two issues that need to be resolved: “the speed with which a money-lender can become the owner of Inter, and an analysis of the entanglement of sponsorship contracts in China.”

The first node specifically relates to Oaktree, which has bid to buy a stake Lion Rock And add a large loan (in total 300 million will be paid). “Oaktree is looking with interest in the possibility of becoming the owner of Inter in not too long,” the newspaper wrote, Ma Suning He does not want to give up control of the club. The agreement with this investor “will make it possible to solve the slide of Leon Rock outside the shareholding structure without disbursement and push the investment threshold to 300 million. But it offers a more decisive approach at the front of entering Inter. Contribution.”

On the contrary, Bain places 270 million on the board and today aims to be a mere lender, even if in insolvency he will inevitably take responsibility from the Chinese giant. “It is possible to rebuild, it appears that Oaktree is making a decisive effort to close the deal with Suning,” which continues until the last available day.

Bain and Oaktree face a common difficulty: “Freeing themselves from the tangle of the flow of Chinese sponsorship. A maze of companies and middlemen of very complex deciphering.” It also hit a wall Bc partners.

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