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Fumbio, five poplars were cut down: the gendarmerie arrived

Fumbio, five poplars were cut down: the gendarmerie arrived

Fumbio, five poplars were cut down: the gendarmerie arrived

Soldiers who arrived at the site cut down centuries-old poplar trees

Five-century-old poplars fell under the blows of saws at the entrance to the Padille Center in Fombio. In the calm of yesterday’s dawn, the inhabitants of the Via Boccaccrio awoke to the noise of metal blades, and they saw from the windows the bulldozers in the fields and the landowners cutting down the trees under the road. Ramp to the sports center. It was 6.20 when it happened, and as soon as the municipal offices opened, someone reported to the municipality, and the technician immediately rushed to the scene and stopped the farmers. Five poplars were already on the ground, but without the immediate intervention of the municipal clerk, the other ten might have met the same fate, and were saved in time from the cut. “Fortunately, the head of our technical office, who entered service very early in the morning, intervened immediately to avoid the worst,” explains Mayor Davide Passerini, aware of the incident. After the farmers were prevented from continuing, Codogno policemen were also notified of the facts, who had arrived for inspection and would proceed accordingly. It is not yet clear why the landowners decided to eradicate the ancient poplars. One explanation might be to prevent them from shading their fields, and to prevent crops from growing. “These plants were there before the sports field where the paddocks are played. They were practically secular plants, enormous plants – as Fombian comments -. And even if they were placed on the sides of the property fields, they could not be cut down. , especially the plants of the genus, are protected, and specific permissions are needed to cut them.” The civic sense of the citizens who witnessed what was happening did not hesitate to inform the municipal administration and prevented the demolition of all the poplars. The technician rushed to the scene and stopped the chaos

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