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“Full of bacteria” Food alert: This cheese is very dangerous

Nutritional alert for the famous cheese inside the refrigerator, which is full of bacteria and dangerous, as the Ministry of Health states. What do you do and how do you act?

Dangerous cheese –

a job Ministry of Health, which is comprehensive checks on food products and more. Sometimes there are only reminders not to contact ingredients that are present, or for substances that can cause potential allergic reactions that amount to real food warnings that are dangerous to humans. human health.

The last reminder is a real alert that recommends paying attention, because the cheese in question is full of bacteria.

Reports from the Ministry of Health

Reports by Ministry of Health On the agenda, precisely because check-ups are daily in order to keep everyone healthy. It wasn’t long ago that Riunione brand surimi sticks were recalled as a precaution. The possibility of the presence of allergens.

cheese shapes
Cheese Shapes

Then there are packages that could have a different label, as happened with Marie Freddy’s Luxus pickled shrimp. Even one of the world’s most popular soft drinks has been stapled by the Ministry of Health, with Zero being withdrawn due to the presence of Sugars not mentioned on the label.

In short, among the allergens – wrong labels And the components that were not mentioned, the work of the Ministry of Health is long and important. Only in these hours there was another report of a famous cheese.

The Ministry of Health withdraws cheese
Cheese pulled by the Ministry of Health-

Well-known cheese food alert: full of bacteria

food alert It’s about a famous cheese and its withdrawal, and milk is the protagonist of the story. The motive that was launched is the “microbiological hazard recall”.

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It’s a summons and a withdrawal done as a precaution Because it is linked to the alleged presence of bacteria harmful to humans. We are talking about Macagno cheese, a dairy product that is prepared in a semi-cooked dough.

Its name takes the production area, that is Albie Macagno Beautiful and well known mountain pasture in Valsesia. The recalled product is that of Antonioti Michaela.

Lotto and how to proceed

The Reported amount is 2/7 For the Velio Casale Montuccia plant. All people who bought the reported cheese in the second week of July would have to stop eating the cheese immediately because Escherichia Coli bacteria may be present – rich in toxins that are dangerous to humans. Call the store and ask if you need to return the cheese or get instructions – but don’t consume the cheese anyway The product stored in the refrigerator.

Call the Ministry of Health
Appeal of the Ministry of Health-