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Full European Athletics Championships 2024 medal table: All podiums day by day Italy dominates with 24 medals


D From 7 to 12 June 2024, Rome It becomes the top center for athletics and hosting The 26th edition of the European Championship. They will be appointed in the Italian capital 49 titles: 24 for men, 24 for women and a mixed title (4×400). Among the favorites there are certainly Germany and Great Britain, who were already dominating Munich two years ago, while Italy aims to consolidate the top ten on the continental level. In 2022, the Azzurri won 11 medals (3 gold, 2 silver, 6 bronze, editor): this time, within friendly walls, will they be able to perform better? With this piece we present to you Comprehensive medal tableWe also provide you with details of the podium finishes in each race, day by day.

Gold medalist Lamont Marcel Jacobs of Team Italy poses for a photo after winning the men’s 100 meters final on day two of the 26th European Athletics Championships – Rome 2024 at Stadio Olimpico on June 08, 2024 in Rome, Italy.

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Complete medal set

village Oro Argento Bronze until.
Italy 11 9 4 24
Great Britain 4 4 5 13
France 4 5 7 16
Norway 4 2 1 7
Swiss 4 1 4 9
Holland 3 4 5 12
Belgium 3 1 2 6
Spain 2 3 3 8
Poland 2 2 2 6
Ireland 2 2 0 4
Sweden 2 0 1 3
Germania 1 3 7 11
Ukraine 1 1 4 6
Greece 1 2 0 3
Croatia 1 1 0 2
Austria 1 1 0 2
Slovenia 1 0 0 1
Estonia 1 0 0 1
Czech Republic 1 0 0 1
Serbia 0 2 0 2
Portugal 0 1 2 3
Israel 0 1 0 1
Romania 0 1 0 1
Türkiye 0 1 1 2
Hungary 0 1 0 1
Slovakia 0 1 0 1
Lithuania 0 0 1 1
Finland 0 0 1 1

All platforms

June 7

20 km walking distance for women: Antonella Palmisano I (Italy)Valentina Trabletti II (Italy) 3ª Lyudmila Ulyanovska (Ukraine)

Men’s discus throw: 1° Christian Ceh (Slovenia), 2° Lukas Weisdinger (Austria), 3° Mikulas Alekna (Lithuania)

Women’s shot put: The first is Jessica Schilder (Netherlands), the second is Jorind van Klinken (the Netherlands), and the third is Yemisi Ogunleye (Germany).

– Mixed relay 4 x 400 meters: ireland first, Italy IIThird Netherlands


Valentina Trabletti and Antonella Palmisano at the end of the 20 km at the 2024 European Championships in Rome

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June 8

20 km walk for men: 1° Persius Carlstrom (Switzerland), 2° Paul McGrath (Spain), III Francesco Fortunato (Italy)

Women’s heptathlon: The first is Nafissatou Thiam (Belgium), the second is Oriana Lazraq-Khalas (France), and the third is Nour Videts (Belgium).

Men’s long jump: 1° Miltiades Tentoglou (Greece), Second place: Mattia Forlani (Italy)Simon Ehmer III (Switzerland)

Shot put for men: 1st Leonardo Fabbri (Italy)second place Filip Mihaljevic (Croatia), third place Michal Haratek (Poland)

Women’s discus throw: 1ª Sandra Alcacevic (Croisia), 2ª Jorinde van Klinken (Baisi Basi), 3ª Liliana Ka (Portogallo).

– Women’s 100 hurdles: The first is Serena Samba Maiella (France), the second is Ditaji Kambonji (Switzerland), and the third is Pia Skrzyszewska (Poland).

– 110 men’s hurdles: 1st Lorenzo Simonelli (Italy)Second place: Enrique Llobes (Spain), third place: Jason Joseph (Svizzera)

Men’s 5000 meters: 1° Jakob Ingebrigtsen (Norway), 2° George Mills (Gran Bretagna), 3° Dominic Lukiniomo Lobalo (Switzerland)

Men’s 100 metres: 1° Marcel Jacobs (Italy), 2° Chitoro Ali (Italy)Rommel Gallaff III (Great Britain)

June 9

Men’s half marathon: The first is Yeman Crippa (Italy), the second is Pietro Riva (Italy)– Amanal Peter III (Germany)

Men’s half marathon team: Italy firstThe second Israel, the third Germany

Women’s half marathon: 1ª Caroline Berkeley Grovdal (Norway), Mele (Romania), Huger-Thackray (Great Britain)

Women’s half marathon team: Great Britain 1st, Germany 2nd, Spain 3rd

Women’s high jump: 1ª Yaroslava Mahushykh (Ukraine), 2ª Angelina Topic (Serbia), 3ª Irina Gerashchenko (Ukraine).

Men’s hammer throw: 1° Wojciech Nowicki (Pologna), 2° Pence Halasz (Ungria), 3° Mykhaylo Kukan (Ukraine)

Men’s 800 metres: The first is Gabriel Tolle (France), the second is Mohamed Al-Atawi (Spain), 3° Catalin Tocchino (Italy)

Women’s triple jump: 1st: Anna Beletero Compaore (Spain), 2nd: Tugba Danismaz (Turkey), 3rd: Elionis Guillaume (France)

Women’s 1500 metres: 1st Ciara Magian (Ireland), 2nd Georgia Bell (Great Britain), 3rd Agatha Guillemot (France)

Women’s 100 metresThe first: Dina Asher-Smith (Great Britain), the second: Ewa Swoboda (Poland), Third place: Zainab Dosso (Italy)


Yemen Kripa shows off the gold medal he won in the half marathon at the 2024 European Championships in Rome

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June 10

– Men’s 400 meters: 1st Alexander Daum (Belgium), 2nd Charles Dobson (Great Britain), 3rd Lemarvin Bonifacia (Netherlands)

– Women’s 400 metres: 1st Natalia Kaczmarek (Poland), 2nd Rashidat Adeleke (Ireland), 3rd Leke Claver (Baisi Basi)

Women’s pole vault: 1st Angelika Moser (Switzerland), 2nd Ekaterina Stefanidi (Greece), 3rd Molly Cowdrey (Great Britain)

3000 steeplechase menThe first: Alexis Millet (France), the second Jilali Badrani (France), the third Karl Bebendorf (Germany)

Women’s hammer throw: First: Sarah Fantini (Italy)2nd Anita Wlodarczyk (Poland), 3rd Rose Luja (France)

Men’s 200 meters: 1° Timothy Mumenthaler (Svizera), Second place: Filippo Torto (Italy)William Rice III (Switzerland)

June 11

Men’s high jump: 1st Gianmarco Tamperi (Italy)2nd Vladislav Lavsky (Ukraine), 3rd Oleh Doroshchuk (Ukraine)

Men’s triple jump: 1st Jordan Alejandro Diaz Fortun (Spain), 2nd Pedro Pichardo (Portugal), 3rd Thomas Gogues (France)

Men’s 400 hurdles: 1° Carsten Warholm (Norway), II Alessandro Sibellio (Italy)Carl Bengtstrom III (Sweden)

Women’s 400 hurdles: 1ª Femke Paul (Baisi Basi), 2ª Louise Maraval (France), 3ª Kathleen Peters (Baisi Basi)

Women’s Javelin Throw: The first is Victoria Hudson (Austria), the second is Adriana Villagos (Serbia), and the third is Marie-Therese Obst (Norway).

Decathlon for men: 1° Johannes Erm (Estonia), 2° Sander Skotheim (Norway), 3° Makinson Gleti (France)

Women’s 200 meters: 1st Mujinga Kampungi (Switzerland), 2nd Darryl Nita (Great Britain), 3rd Hélène Parisot (France)


Rome, Italy – June 11, 2024; (Editors’ note: A special effects camera filter was used for this image.) Italy’s Gianmarco Tamperi celebrates after winning the men’s high jump final during day five of the 2024 European Athletics Championships in the stadium

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June 12

Men’s pole vault: 1° Armand Duplantis (Switzerland), 2° Emmanuel Karalis (Greece), 3° Oleg Zernickel (Germany), 3° Ersu Sasma (Turkey)

Men’s javelin throw: 1° Jakob Wadlić (Republica Seka), 2° Julian Weber (Germany), 3° Oliver Helander (Finland)

Women’s long jump: 1ª Malaika Mihambo (Germany), 2ª Larissa Iabicino (Italy), 3ª Agate de Souza (Portugal)

– Women’s 4×400 meter relay race: Netherlands first, Ireland second, Belgium third

– Men’s 4×400 meter relay race: belgium first, Italy IIGermany III

Women’s 800 meters: 1st Kelly Hodgkinson (Great Britain), 2nd Gabriela Gajanova (Slovakia), 3rd Agnès Bourgoin (France)

Men’s 10,000 meters: 1° Dominique Lukinyomo Lobalo (Switzerland), 2° Yann Schrupp (France), 3° Thierry Ndikomoenyo (Spain)

Men’s 1500 meters: 1° Jakob Ingebrigtsen (Norway), 2° Joachim Vermeulen (Belgium), Pietro Aris III (Italy)

– Women’s 4×100 meter relay race: Great Britain first, France second, Netherlands third

– Men’s 4 x 100 meters relay race: Italy firstNetherlands second, Germany third


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