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Fuel and lower prices for diesel and petrol: Eni, IP and Q8 offer discounts. But +60% in one year


A drop in petrol and diesel prices occurred in the wake of international prices for refined products, which returned to their levels on March 1st. According to a survey by Stavita Quotidiana, this morning Eni again lowered recommended prices for petrol and diesel by 5 cents per liter, after the similar move yesterday. Same movement for Q8. IP lowers prices by 10 cents a liter on both green and diesel. Based on the current differences in the recommended prices, today’s national averages should settle on the following values: self-service gasoline at 2.105 € / liter, diesel at 2.108 € / liter. Gasoline was offered at 2.208 euros / liter, and diesel at 2.219 euros / liter. LPG is offered at €0.880/liter, methane is offered at €2.255/kg, and LNG is €2.116/kg.

Meanwhile, according to an analysis by, the cost of diesel today is about 60% higher than it was in February 2021, while the increase for a full tank of gasoline is 46%. However, slightly limited increases, if we refer to December: in March 2022, on average, 39% more is spent on a diesel car than in December 2021 and 28% more on gasoline. The ever-increasing values ​​have inevitable repercussions on the pockets of Italian motorists and, above all, on those who cannot do without a way to work.

Based on the simulation, taking into account the kilometers traveled annually by a taxi driver driving a hybrid petrol car in a large city, the total average annual spending increased from 2040 euros in February 2021 to 3133 euros in March 2022. It is not the best Of that for the transporter who, for a round trip, Turin Palermo, has to allocate approximately 1664 euros, compared to 1037 euros in February 2021.

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