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From Turinese to quidditch Europeans

From Turinese to quidditch Europeans

1500 teams in the world, not counting those who continue to give birth. Quidditch was invented by J.K. Rowling’s pen, but it’s no longer just a Harry Potter sport, the fruit of literary fiction that has become so popular thanks to its cinematic adaptation. In fact, since 2005 a group of students have been studying the basic rules and, by eliminating elements that are in fact impossible to reproduce, they have made Quidditch a real sport.

Quidditch, from Harry Potter to Reality

After the first steps, taken at Middlebury College in Vermont, United States, in 2010 the International Quidditch Association was also born. This sport, as well as the Harry Potter saga, is inspired by rugby and basketball as well as poison ball.

During a quidditch match, just like in the wizard saga, five balls, a quaffle, three race cars and a snitch are used.

It is played on a regular rectangular court and near the two ends there are three rings where you have to score your team’s points. You can score from the front and from behind one of the rings placed at different heights, but they have the same value in terms of points. Each is worth 10 points.

The team teams seven players during the match, a goalkeeper, three catches, two hitters, and a seeker. Players have ribbons of different colors and wear them on the forehead to distinguish themselves according to the different roles.

The goalkeeper defends the rings and must prevent the opposing team’s catchers from scoring, who must score in their opponents’ rings and help the goalkeeper defend himself.

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The hitter plays with the club and must eliminate opponents, while the hitters who enter the field in the eighteenth minute play with the snitch, a person who has a tennis ball in his socks. If they manage to capture it, they score 30 points and end the game.

Turinese at DNA Quidditch in the European Cup

In this real-life sport, born of J.K. Rowling’s imagination, Team DNA Quidditch plowed the pass to the European Quidditch Cup. After qualifying at the tournament held in Brindisi on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March, they will now be among the champions of the continental event that will take place in Limerick, Ireland on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June and will compete with some of the most important teams on the continent.

The DNA Quidditch composition consists of 12 elements from Modena and Taurine. At the moment, there are four permanent Torino players on the list: Walid Benfadel, who started in 2014 and has played several times within the national team and several European players. He is mainly a hunter but also a goalkeeper and hitter. Davide Maniscalco, who has been in quidditch since 2013, has also participated in many competitions at the national and European level. His role is that of the hunter and sometimes he also plays as a goalkeeper. Francesco Caruso started in 2019 and his main role is the goalkeeper as well as the hunter. Giorgia Rodella who made her debut in 2017, played a European. Its main role is a beater. There’s also Stefania Mariotto, who started this year and plays as a fisherman, but she wasn’t
In Brindisi due to injury, Pietro Bonelli, who has not yet played any official competition.

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They are all ready to experience the magic of the European Cup.