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From the madman to the stranger in us: in Novara, the new book meets history, science and current events.

From the madman to the stranger in us: in Novara, the new book meets history, science and current events.

James Joyce and the painter Legabo, exiled even in literature and lost homelands, the church and the extremities, “knowledge without a homeland” and many other ideas: the ability to confront, to overcome the fear that oppresses us in the face of comers. From afar or suffering of different kinds. Insights from different realms, including science, social and cultural, were collected by Novara psychoanalyst and principal emeritus Domenico Nano, well known for his career in public health until retirement and his commitment to association, “with a desire to engage those who are curious to understand more and find, Together, on the common points of living better and articulated in the anthropology of inclusion”.

The goal is to suggest hypotheses, some concrete solutions, and ideas for an everyday life and a better future. To try to be less lonely and less fragile, in short, because we are more open and willing to understand the values ​​and differences that become valuable to others. The Nano, as in the previous “figures of evil”, involved some professionals and experts such as Giancarlo Andina, Eugenio Porgna, Renzo S. Maurizio Terazzi and Roberto Viglino.

Time-Tested Alliances

View the folder «Exilium. From crazy to strange. The Anthropology of Inclusion” (Arachne editor). There will also be Dr. Paula Busi, who heads the Department of Mental Health Asl-Aou Maggiore, to “framing and discovering how much the authors and Nano want to participate in order to find new points of commonality and reference”: to feel less displacement, fear or “exile back home, as has happened in recent years”. Once again, the association “Lotta per la pers la psica” cooperates with Luciano Chiesa: “a proven alliance that is gradually growing”.

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Nano: “Contributions to the volume are an attempt to open eyes to the eternal and multi-meaning subject of exile. The experience is human, psychological, metaphysical and historical but it is also an existential category that can, at times, transcend all of us.” Friday will also find out why “The Ship of Fools” is on the cover, a painting by Bosch from 1494. Different cultures.

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