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From mid-November cold and snowy in Italy? The latest update is amazing. There is news »

Weather: from mid-November cold and snowy in Italy? The latest update is amazing. There is news

Cold premise in mid-NovemberThe cold bend hypothesis is making its wayAnd With snow falling on the plains! This is what emanates from the latest impressive mid/long term update, for the period immediately following mid november: a’Cold penetration of arctic origin Italy can fall, causing drop in temperature As well as the risks Snowfall.

But let’s go through the analysis in order all news In view of the second part of the promised month to be full surprises.

Recently, we talked about a An anomaly that occurs in the Arctic Technical knowledge stratification: Or a strong warming of the stratosphere, with consequences polar vortex (A large area of ​​low pressure, in which all the cold air that is continually produced on the arctic ice cap is enclosed in it.) In effect, this event would separate/split the vortex itself, causing ice lumps to be released out of the air and then directed towards the Old Continent.

L ‘hypothesisTo be sure, a part of this powerful icy bubble may slip first toward central Europe and then Enter In the Mediterranean from Rune gate after mid november.
This kind of setup is a lot Suitable for snowfall up the plains in the north, in particular between Piedmont and the Lombardy, as it supports the formation of the lowest depressions on the Ligurian Sea, with the consequent ascent Snowfall that can easily affect cities like Milan and Turin, with the Alps that are destined to be filled with snow, To the delight of many winter sports lovers.

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The forecast for the next days is also interesting with Snow is also possible in the northeast and even the mountainous elevations in the central regions (In this case the thermal profile should be carefully evaluated).
There is still a little time left and as usual we call for caution, but the signals from the models are in full agreement: general winter could early roar.

The hypothesis of a cold and snowy attack after mid-NovemberThe hypothesis of a cold and snowy attack after mid-November