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From media empire to Miss Universe: Who is the most powerful transgender in the world?

Competition 71 of Miss Universe It will be broadcast live from the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans on January 14th. Harnaz Sandhu from India will crown her successor at the end of the event, but the real host will be the transgender Thai businesswoman. Ann Jakapong Jakragutatep, CEO of JKN Global Group, the new owner of Miss Universe. According to the powerful and wealthy businesswoman, beauty pageant “It is rooted in the culture. It is about glory, victory, desire, dreams and success“, Tell Nikki Asia Ann Jakapong Jakragutatep. “It’s about the ultimate lifestyle, being the most famous woman in the worldIn October, the Thai millionaire fulfilled her lifelong dream of purchasing the Miss Universe Organization, becoming its first non-American owner. The Bangkok-listed media company she founded in 2013 is known for owning it CNBC Thailand And for the local version of the fashion design competition escape project.

What would miss universe look like now

It is a real climb towards and success Jakrajutatip, which will bring benefits in terms of economy and Soft power Also for the Thai government. In fact, after the acquisition was announced, Ann met with Thai ministers of culture and tourism to discuss how the competition could contribute to P’s to bring it 25 million From the audience in 2023: The idea is The competition is hosted in Thailand every two to three years. My personal mission is to raise the voice of women in every country, so that these women can bring economic value to their countryAnn Jakapong said. millionaire, 43, She became a woman at the age of 39 and had two children. It will be, needless to say, a contest dedicated to inclusivity: Miss Universe will accept all applicants who are considered women, whether they are single, married or divorced ( The pageant started welcoming transgender contestants 10 years ago.) The new owner will retain the management of Miss Universe, including the president Paula Shugart who led the organization for nearly 25 years.

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The rise of the transgender businesswoman

Thai millionaire, the newspaper explains tomorrow, is the CEO of Jkn Global Group Public Company Limited, a media powerhouse in Asia, which has concluded the process by establishing a subsidiary in the USA, JknMetaverse Inc. In Asia, she is the woman of the hour: Bangkok PostAnn is Woman of the Year, while L Forbes She is the most powerful transgender woman in the world, as well as the third richest transgender person in the world, with a net worth of $210 million. In recent days, the “Force for Good” crown is specially designed and made for Miss Universe 2022, It was revealed by Ann. Designed by luxury jewelry house Mouawad, this watch is an embodiment of Miss Universe’s values ​​as a “guiding light,” as the transgender entrepreneur explained. “Our ambition is to instill a sense of passion for “transformational leadership”, with a firm belief that everyone can lead, succeed and achieve their life goals.Finally added. It is a bit like his life story which seems to be burning through stages and reaping one success after another.