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From Kennedy to Trump, a book on 60 years of American history was presented in the Florence-Chronicle


Florence, 3 July 2021 – that Alessandro Sorani presents a new book in Florence that shows 60 years of American history from Kennedy to Trump. From Palazzo Strosey’s Poteca Strosey to the event with Confordianado Firenes, the author intervened Federico Gianasi, Council for Economic Development of the Municipality of Florence, e Giovanni Petarini, Chairman of the Florentine Metropolitan Cabinet, in the presence of the Editor.

The first political debate on TV was a debate between John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Richard Nixon: it’s 1960, Nixon fever, unprepared, awkward, misguided, standing against JFK with tension, optimism, dark suit Studying the background of the studio and looking straight into the living room: Kennedy was declared the winner, and anyone who heard him on the radio voted for Nixon. The last challenge between the two presidential candidates, a few days ago, instead clashed with the words of Donald Trump and Joe Biden: the winner will be known in November.

There are 60 years in between, a part of American history, 11 Presidents and various ways related With the public. Tells them Alessandro Vittorio Sorani – National Trainer and Adviser on Public Speech and Leadership and Leadership of the Confordianado Impress Firenze – in the book “American political involvement from Kennedy to Trump“(Mauro Baglia, 2020). The author of the speech is a biographer and portrait of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., You can see Donald Trump’s style of communication. “Modern political contact was born with Kennedy’s election in 1960 – Sorani explains – from that moment the film became fundamental.”

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From Reagan’s jokes, to the movie star who wanted to present himself as the “grandfather of Americans” and the most remorseful president of America, to Bill Clinton’s “perfect speech” to Carter’s “sick speech”. To get to Trump who wants to communicate directly with people through Twitter, excluding the media. “Trump is an underestimated communicator, he is so talented and efficient that he was able to understand the whole of America in his communications with fear – Sorani says – in Italy it is described as bizarre, but in the United States he is always highly regarded because of his ability to communicate so effectively that it reaches the belly of an American. He is aggressive, no doubt he reduced the level of language, but he speaks in a simple, straightforward way and everyone understands him.For example, in the last debate against Biden, he was so efficient that he was able to bring the enemy to his ground and use those weapons against Hillary Clinton. Won ”.

Sorani also makes some comparisons with Italy: “Reagan is very similar to Silvio Berlusconi in the way he uses the TV, and they have been running between the two on the field for 14 years. Trump precedes Salvini, the forerunner of the populism represented by the League. ” In describing the best American presidents and their relationship with the media, much attention is paid to the degree of empathy each of them has established not only with the electorate, but also with other political leaders: the most important aspect in determining destiny is that of a president. For each one a historical discourse is analyzed, and events and interests are told “behind the scenes”. Alessandro Vittorio Sorani, Born in 1971, is one of the best-known trainers and consultants in the country for public speaking and leadership issues. For more than twenty years he has coached and supported politicians, entrepreneurs, athletes and unionists. He taught social psychology at the University of Florence School of Medicine and collaborates with the School of Political Science at the same university. He is president of the Confordianado Impress Fires, vice president of Polymota, and president of the School of Business Science and Industrial Technology. In published books “The Word of the Leader. Conversations about charismatic discourse “(Mauro Pagliai, 2008) and” American Political Relations from Kennedy to Trump “(Mauro Paglia, 2020).

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