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From Bitonto to the European Physics Olympiad among the top 5 Italian students: Giovanni’s story

From Bitonto to the European Physics Olympiad among the top 5 Italian students: Giovanni’s story

Bari – From Puglia to the European Physics Olympiad among the top five Italian students: here is a story Giovanni Antonucci, student of “Galilei” Bitonto, dreamer of “ordinary” Pisa. The young student will be in Georgia from July 15 to 19 after receiving his high school diploma to challenge the best minds in Europe.

Passion, dedication and a lot of study. All the elements were applied to physics and he found himself among the five Italian representatives who will participate in the European Physics Olympiad in mid-July. After a year of competitions at all levels up to the national level and a training seminar in Sassoferrato at the end of May, Giovanni reached the prestigious goal in what will be the eighth edition of the European Physics Olympiad to be held in Kutaisi.

Giovanni Antonucci explained: “It is a great feeling because above all it was unexpected – I did not even expect to be among the top five students, especially because of the difficulty of the experimental exam. Having managed to pass an exam that introduced important innovations in some schemes and some topics, it made me feel “Very satisfied.”

“I have to thank Professor Avelias and this high school because this passion was born here – explained Giovanni Antonucci – I have always loved mathematics since primary school, it was my favorite subject and what I enjoyed most, but my passion for physics was born here. I would also like to thank the person who served as A reference point in my journey is Professor Luigi Ferolino.

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It is the story of several children whose passion for a subject was first born in the family and then grew thanks to encounters with school and teachers. Then a lot of study and the desire to excel and grow, a spirit that accompanied Giovanni throughout all the stages of this long competition, which was organized in Italy with the authorization of the Ministry of Education, by the Association for the Teaching of Physics. From victories at the school and regional levels, to reaching the regional and national stages. Now we will first have to face the final exams before dreaming ahead.

«I hope I can pass admission to the “normal” Higher School of Pisa, this is my dream – said Giovanni – because I believe that it is the environment that best reflects my desires in terms of study and in-depth study but also on a social level.

Therefore, Giovanni Antonucci will represent Italy at the European Olympic Games. Italy, which is not participating in the International Olympics as a precautionary measure, considering that it will be held in Iran. But the event, which will be held in Georgia from July 15 to 19, is a source of pride for the entire Bitonto Institute. “I think this is especially important for children – explains Angela Pastorissa, director of the Galileo Galilei Scientific Secondary School in Bitonto – because these situations prove that commitment is rewarded and therefore we must always insist on the path of commitment and will » .

Along with Giovanni’s victories, among others, a real physics team was born in “Galilei” which now aims to create a real center of excellence in the Puglia region along with other historical reference points for the subject. «I am happy to realize that the wick that lit Giovanni’s desire to follow this path with passion and dedication was born here in the teaching of physics – explains Professor Tatiana Avelias, Professor of Physics at the Institute – and it was a fire in which other children shared because a team was created around Giovanni.

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“Thanks to Giovanni’s ability to involve other students from our school as well – explained Professor Grazia Morgullo, mathematics teacher at the institute – we were able to compare ourselves with many children and experience these feelings of participation and comparison.”