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Frogwares allows fans to write a message about the bullets that will be fired at the Russians -

Frogwares allows fans to write a message about the bullets that will be fired at the Russians –

Kickstarter campaign from Frogwares For Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened has already hit its target 48 hours before its release and all the extended targets have been met. However, the campaign claims that any additional money from purchasing a copy of The Awakened will be used to “strengthen our safety net and secure the future of our studio and our team members.” In addition, the team has organized cooperation with a group of Ukrainian soldiers and will allow three players to do it Write a message on a bullet Which will be called the Russian invasion forces.

If you like and retweet the promotional tweet, you can see below, Frogwares It states that three players will be able to win the opportunity to “get a personal message of their choice written on a 152 mm howitzer bullet,” which will then be sent “to our Russian guests.”

The message can be anything the pre-winners want Approval of FrogwaresWinners will receive a photo of their message written on the bullet shown by Ukrainian forces. The Ukrainian soldiers featured in the Twitter video are allegedly a “group of studio fans currently serving in the Ukrainian Army” as part of the 24th Separate Assault Battalion.

“If you want to write your personal message on a cannonball and at the same time help our Frogwares friends, please join,” Ukrainian soldier in the video. “We are excited to send them, with special delivery, to our unwanted guests,” he adds.

We also remember this part of Team Frogwares Doing military or civilian service in Ukraine. Instead, the rest of the team supports their nation by continuing to work, to “keep the Ukrainian economy and society alive”.

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