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Friends, Aka7even has canceled the tour: he can no longer…

Surprisingly, the next two dates for the tour of Aka7even, one of the Amici 20 champions, have been cancelled. The singer, with a message on social media, explained that he will not be able to follow the already scheduled dates for some health. reasons. In fact, for a few days, Aka7even was unable to…

After a summer they travel around Italy to meet their fans and sing with them. Acavion forced to stop. Luca Marzano (This is the artist’s real name) It was delete Two of the last Tour dates Which I took this summer around Italy: last night Singer It was expected at the Militello Summer Festival in Catania, while the date was tonight at Rocca di Capri Leon in Messina.

Unfortunately, Aka7even will not be there Health reasonsThis is theofficial announcement which was introduced in the last few hours. After that, come Instagram, The Singer New from the ad experience Friends 20 Whoever pushed him into the world of music, admitted what really happened …

Aka7even has lost his voice: What happened?

Friends, Aka7even canceled the tour: no longer able to & # 8230;

From the moment of announcing the cancellation of appointments, Acavion He received a lot of messages from fans concerned about his health. At this stage Singer He recounted what happened, revealing that he could not speak at the moment:

Our summer tour was an unbelievable thing, every date and often everywhere sold out, but every now and then when you ask too much of yourself, you pay the consequences. After living in Santa Marinella, you totally left me silent In addition, after checking they found a Knots on the vocal cords.

Acavion He explained that he can’t sing, but simply sing Employment Out of respect for the public, he preferred to cancel appointments directly. Now, the singer must stay in absolute comfort To recover:

I can not speak, I have to be silent for a short time’. I just wanted to thank you for the affection and closeness you show me. Promise to recover as soon as possible, I am now at ease, You try to keep your voice as comfortable as possible.