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Friends 23 Fans Are Upset With Marisol: Here’s What’s Happening


There is fear and apprehension among the fans.. Former student at Amici, Marisol CastellanosShe ended up under the knife forVery sensitive process. He tells it on his Instagram profile, where he has just posted a series of photos with a (very unwelcome) surprise at the end. Indeed, if the first shots were cheerful, in the company of friends, between ice cream in the moonlight and laughter, And finally comes the “hit”.In fact, you can see a shot of a hospital bed. the leg Marisol, or rather her knee, had just undergone a very delicate surgery. She herself spoke about it. physical discomfort Already in the evening friendsIt is now clear that it was necessary to intervene to prevent the situation from getting worse. Fans remain in suspense.Let’s see the details below.

Friends 23, The Alarm Goes Off for Marisol

They obviously love it.Ultimately, it is. Marisol Castellanoswas one of the brightest surprises of the last season of Amici di Maria De Filippi. Won in the dance categoryalmost reached the final exploitation. Then made fans dream of the spark that ignited with Betty. The spark is not fleeting at all, among other things, because Marisol and her boyfriend continue to show themselves Love and agreement on social mediawith posts on a regular basis. But today’s point is another point.

We are here to talk about shock from the imageThe last episode of the series shows us only the dancer Marisol. Knee surgeryBut without adding comments or explanations. The broader context is the context of A A roundup of summer shotsAccording to Instagram’s “post-free” rules: a series of photos were randomly translated and posted, and the candid shots were chosen without much thought, from the photo gallery. This was to give an idea of ​​complete spontaneity. Marisol did the same, and At first everything seemed fine..

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Appears in the carousel Her boyfriend Petit and her girlfriend Gaia De Martinoand other heroes friendsThere is a selfie (of two people) in the elevator, and a photo of the sea behind us, during the sunset. Then the ice cream cups. funny faces Which comes out of a hardcover, and other beautiful views of Ischia. But the last picture is more striking, the one in the hospital. So fans are worried. Questions start in the comments and of course The Internet is flooded with anxious messages. So young. How is Marisol? How long will she be still? Will he be able to fully recover? It’s not like there’s Risk of complicationsReally? More or less these are the questions. Which can only be answered by the person concerned. But at the moment there are no clarifications. However, one might think, with a little logic, that if Marisol were so Really bad He wouldn’t show it lightly. Maybe it was just a long-planned intervention. Maybe it was best not to worry too much.

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