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Caio Jorge is one of those players who could have changed the role of Juventus, but his performance has never appeared in Turin.

There were already many fans of Juventus I did not understand why Cayo Jorge He’s been put on the sidelines of the team so much, with the Brazilian that he could certainly have had another try, but now he’s practically out of the team.


It is undoubtedly one of the most important teams in the history of Brazilian football Santos, With Peixe getting the chance to launch a series of great heroes who have written unforgettable pages about football.

Most important of all was definitely what was considered equal Diego Armando Maradona, The greatest player of all time, Edson Arantes do Nascimento: pellet.

However, in recent years, Santos School has grown significantly, allowing everyone to meet heroes who have also managed to establish themselves in Europe, with Robinho He was only in the lantern stage and with Neymar Which, on the other hand, was able to fully respect expectations.

Hope So this too Cayo Jorge He could have followed in the footsteps of these great champions, considering in fact it’s just the class of 2002 and Voss was decisive in the championship final. Santos In Cuba Libertadores.

However, the serious injury he sustained against Pro Patria last season was truly the latest reversal of an experience that never really took off.

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Now he is about to finish his rehabilitation so that he can be back as quickly as possible, with Juventus Its only intention seems to be to be able to wait until January to be able to roll it out on some exchanges.

The feeling increasingly evident in Torino is the ability to pay it off on loan, but if a great champion could be reached, everything would change, with the challenge with Salernitana showing even more talent. deyaa.

Cayo Jorge in Salerno to get to Dia: it is

to me this point Cayo Jorge He would really need to be able to find a regional arena capable of possessing that crucial space in order to improve himself more and more.

there Salerno From David Nicola This start to the tournament is undoubtedly one of the best facts that can exist, as Juve know this really well given the very tired Torino draw.

Although on this occasion he was unable to score, the attacker overturned deyaa He has fully proven that he is a superior player, as he also showed his talent in the Champions League with Villareal.

In fact, his move to Salerno, But many thought it was just a short pit pit before arriving at a great team after the World Cup.

In fact, his goal was to be able to find a team that would keep him playing in view of the World Championship with Senegal, but most likely then he could accept an offer of a great team like Juventus.