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Free loan, now the contract can be registered online

Free loan, now the contract can be registered online

there The novelty will be gradually extended Also for other types of businesses, such as i Sales introductions. Until now, to achieve this fulfillment, it was necessary to go to the regional office of the Revenue Agency within 30 days from the date of signing or from the date of entry into force of the contract.

loan is a necklace Where one party hands over movable or immovable property to the other party, so that it can be used for a specific period or use, with the obligation to return the same property received (Article 1803 of the Civil Code). Users and brokers will be able to submit the application for registration electronically through the specific web procedure that will be active in the reserved area of ​​the Revenue Agency website.

Technical specifications will be approved with a subsequent procedure transition From the data contained in the form, the control product will be provided. to order Register Electronically, it is enough to indicate the necessary data on the new “Rap” form, thus: the type of contract (if it is free), the data of the lender, the borrower and any property covered by the contract. The procedure allows you to attach a copy of the bond to be registered and signed by the parties and any other documents (such as plans and inventories) in Tif (and/or Tiff and Pdf/A) format.

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