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Free hot water |  This saves over 300 euros per month on bills

Free hot water | This saves over 300 euros per month on bills

A real revolution that can also save you the full cost of your water bill: free in all homes.

We complained for months and got into a crunch because of the increased electricity and gas bills, but also water supplies reached unprecedented costs. Many people have a gas or electric boiler at home and therefore do not realize it, but even the mere availability of water from the tap can put a huge burden on the wallet!

Water is an essential commodity unlike gas and electricity that people can do without, even if it is in fact a solution that is only adopted in radical and desperate cases. Providing water, cold or hot, allows us to survive, which is also why it will be our dream Free water in all homes: A solution, however, that doesn’t seem far from reality.

The first step towards the revolution

Let’s start by saying that we are still only at the beginning and may still be far from the moment when this solution will be adopted in all homes around the world. But you have to start somewhere and the fact that the solution has already been tested in different homes gives us hope for the near future: most likely Soon we will have free hot water in all homes Also in Italy.

Free hot water in all homes!

This is the first step towards the revolution that will finally bring down the cost of living and above all provide a vital commodity in every home in the world. For the moment the tests have only been carried out in an area of ​​England, but as mentioned it is possible that they will soon spread throughout Europe and therefore also in Italy: you will not believe your eyes even when you see what is the solution to get hot water free!

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Free hot water valet in the house

Many people in the south east of England have already started getting free water at home by signing up for Medium A decrease of approximately 250 euros in monthly bills! The idea came thanks to a British company that developed an amazing system for heating water in homes without using gas or electricity. An ingenious mechanism bearing the name heta This exploits something never before seen!

In fact, Heta exploits the energy and heat that some produce server Which is connected to household boilers to heat the water inside without the need to light a flame or connect it to a socket. Absolutely free water but who pays for the electricity consumption of the servers? It has been mentioned that the cost of electricity is paid entirely by the company that installs the servers so that not only do people get hot water in their homes, but they don’t have to pay anything!

According to the words of the company that designed this system, one Heta data center is capable of running hot 11,000 homes! The company’s servers are designed to account for processes that consume a lot of energy, and this obviously generates a lot of heat that the company decides to use to heat the water: in this way, the company that manages the distribution of its servers and transport them around the city and of course the customer earns by getting Hot water is absolutely free!