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AI can let you create anything, even scam ads and non-existent offers: Here’s what to watch out for

Published: June 28, 2024 at 8:45 pm

The summer vacation also coincides, unfortunately, with a noticeable increase in a certain period. fraud attempt. Let’s talk about those who have online reservations for your well-deserved rest, in Italy or abroad.

all of us Find the best dealWhich is able to meet the needs of all participants. We believe that the most convenient way is online, as well as the cheapest. But what we don’t get, compared to travel agencies, is Ensure that what you have reserved actually exists.In recent years, many have actually found themselves living a nightmare, from which it is objectively difficult to escape. Below we explain exactly what signs to look out for and, in fact, we point out some examples of very common scams.

Vacation Home Scam AI

The vast majority of Italians who book a holiday do so independently online. This has been the trend for a long time now, and over the years, even the less trusting generations have started to do so.

But according to, they are Up to 6,640 fraud reports Regarding booking holiday homes. Really do that Reference to 2023 Holidays in August 2024 should be noted.

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It is essential that users are well aware of the risks they are exposed to. One of the big risks recently is related to artificial intelligence. Like many aspects of technological development, AI can be friend or foe. the AIPRM expertsa quick AI-powered management tool, has compiled a useful list using Main forms of fraud Which should be given great attention.

Most common scams

It represents a serious danger Websites created through artificial intelligence. In fact, they can be created by very expert scammers, thus convincing users to automatically provide their sensitive data, such as banking data. You think you’re entering data so you can pay for a vacation home, but instead you give the bad guys the green light to empty your account.

In many cases these sites come up “Spam” via email or social media. Big discounts are guaranteed and inexperienced individuals may think to click and buy quickly, before checking further, so as not to miss the great opportunity. It is always advisable to rely on reputable sites and company credentials.

Also pay attention to Fake adsWhich are also generated by artificial intelligence. Even if you rely on reliable sites, you may come across ads, accompanied by fake reviews, created by scammers. In this case the alarm bell is represented by a request Payment outside the official platformOr by bank transfer.

Moreover, it may happen that artificial intelligence generates information on behalf of these subjects Advertising flights at very advantageous prices. However, after making the purchase, there is no trace of the tickets, moreover, your sensitive data will be at risk.

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Useful Tips

Some generations are now accustomed to moving around with a great deal of caution. However, others tend to be more confident. However, regardless of age, it is always a good idea to take care of it. Some signs.

First of all we highlight one General sense of urgency It is transmitted by those who advertise a particular offer. This also applies to other types of scams. Moreover, considering how artificial intelligence can allow us to create anything today, it would be appropriate to step away or check several times A show of any kind is ideal Hence it is too good to be true.


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