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Fratesse: “Milan? I only wanted Inter. A very strong team. Inzaghi is great…”

Fratesse: “Milan? I only wanted Inter. A very strong team. Inzaghi is great…”

In an interview with Repubblica, the Nerazzurri midfielder admitted: “I only wanted Inter. That’s when I made the decision.”

He may not have found the space he had hoped for when he was called David Fratesi He always answered present. Heavy and decisive goals in the race that brought the 20th star, the midfielder speaks for himself in a long interview with Repubblica. “How close is it to Milan? I didn’t know anything about that. My agent asked me: Where do you want to go? Already in May last year I answered: Inter only. I decided that by playing against him. A very strong team, with a great coach and a magical crowd. I didn’t want to listen to anything else“.

At Inter he plays this position with Nicolo Barella, also his teammate in the national team.

“There is a lot to learn from Nicolo. At first he was a striker like me, then he perfected himself and worked a lot on building the game. This is where I want to improve.”

“Friends and neighbors in the locker room. Even if we do not agree on our desires. He likes good wine, and I like Coca-Cola.”

If Italy participates in the European Championship, it will also be thanks to its brace in the qualifiers against Ukraine. What emotions did you feel?

“Crazy joy. I am attached to my country, and I care about it. A few days later came the derby with Milan, where I scored my first goal with the Nerazzurri. I was in a state of ecstasy. A week from God, to quote one of my favorite movies. As for the rest, I like the dinosaurs, monsters and superheroes.”