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Antonella Franciosi

Francesi: “Pin shouldn’t be compared to the president. The Peracchini administration wanted to get rid of a public space”

“In the discussion that has begun around the management of the Centro Allende-Pinetina space, it is necessary to focus on what the real question is.
The judgment each of us makes on Pin’s work and on the proposals the entrepreneurs who bring him to town will make is personal.
I am fond of the experience of Boss moving the same spaces – only in the short summer months, by the way – with less money and less investment, and I believe this adventure will remain unique in terms of the novelty and freshness of the proposal as well as the ability to explore the locales of youth. However, I, like others in town, am curious to understand what Pin will be like once he is able to show himself fully.” These are the words of the reformist candidate for mayor of Spezia Antonella Franciusi who continues on a note: “The point, however, is not between, Nor is it confronting him with the president. The point is that the operation that Asti and Perracini carried out, and in these election days that Galliardi championed, served the center-right administration to get rid of a public space they didn’t know – and worse, they didn’t think about. Necessary – to fill out own ideas and initiatives. It is precisely the crux of the problem that Peracchini does not even understand the meaning of the criticisms leveled against him, since he does not consider it his duty to exercise a public function in that space.”
Totti reveals the reactionary thinking behind the whole process: culture is a boring Roman movie if run by the municipality, while the private businessman is certainly capable of entertaining the city – adds Franciusi and concludes -. Peracchini management had no idea of ​​its own which is one in any An area, not to mention the cultural culture that has been delegated in Peracchini’s hands for years. Lack of vision, no idea and, as the Public Spaces Department makes clear, there is not even any awareness of the job. Spices deserve the best.”

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