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Francesco Ubini seals up with Cristina, after Gf vip?  / She said: "In love with ..."

Francesco Ubini seals up with Cristina, after Gf vip? / She said: “In love with …”

VIP older brother, Francesco Ubini away from Cristina Tomasini: clues that leave no doubt

One of the most talked about couples in the most famous Big Brother vip 5 televised in the year 2020-2021, formed by Francesco Ubini and Cristina Tomasini, has come to the end of their love affair. In the last period, the two young men circled a web chat that had been watching them for some time in crisis, as they no longer appeared together, in public, not even through social media. And there was no shortage of web questions dedicated to those directly interested, with requests for clarification about persistent rumors regarding the anticipated love affair. After an initial period of deathly silence in the face of public curiosity sparked by the couple, Cristina Tomasini is now fully open, answering the question mark numbers she’s received from followers – who, under the new Instagram post, ask her if he’s in love. “Yes, in the love of life ”, Let Cristina know, suggesting that she is no longer a pair with Francesco Ubini, son of Alba Baretti and big brother vip 5 champion.

always on the sidelines New post from ChristinaSome users have called the latter to smile more because he will always look sad. The author’s answer is ready: “Judgment from some photographs seems superfluous to me.” still: “Fortunately, I am calm and surrounded by many emotions.”

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Ex-Francesco and Cristina appear in good relations

Meanwhile, the web is stunned with details regarding the former now, Francesco Ubini and Cristina Tomasini, or that the two influencers continue to follow each other via social networks, an indication that the two were leaving with good relations. Even with Alba Baretti, the VIP mother of Francesco Obigni, Cristina continues to maintain social contacts, emerging from the tender messages often posted by the showgirl and TV commentator on the sidelines of posts shared by her now-ex-Big Brother vip 5 ex.

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