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Francesco Ciovalo makes Sulley Sorge cry.  what happened

Francesco Ciovalo makes Sulley Sorge cry. what happened

Soleil rise I got a big scream during the second episode of Bubba and Nerdy Because Francesco Ciovalo.

To tell the truth, it was a moment that affected not only the members of the jury but all present.

The Pupa and the nerd: Episode 2 premieres

During the second episode of pupa and insulting word He will enter the studio Lulu Haile Selassie Previous Finalist GF Vip. The Ethiopian princess will be pupa one night His role will be crucial to the final classification.

Lovely fairy can be given as a gift immunity For rivals or send a couple for a cultural pigeon challenge. Later we’ll see enter the studio Gianmarco Unestini As a 3 nerd we will find out who the kid will be paired with.

Gwenda Gorria Finally he will face the nerd Mirko Gangitano, His partner, the pupa Mila Suarez paired with him. In this regard, a very fierce battle is expected between Guenda and the Suarez.

The reason will be related to the fact that in thousands He was going to make advances to his fiancée, who was pleased with the model’s position.

in thousands He would have assumed this behavior only to get a clip in the episode, without considering making another woman suffer. The model is actually known for creating situations that allow it to have some clarity.

Guenda He will also face his father’s partner, Vera Miales Who hinted in the first episode that it is she who hinders their relationship. Flavia Ventou Instead, he will show doubts about whether or not to quit, as he has done on all the reality shows he has been on.

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Episode Two Previews: Tests

During the second appointment with pupa And the nerd, Competitors will have to take it Guide. Final results with nominations will determine the ranking.

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Among the challenges that the competitors faced, let us remember them pumpkin contest and the culture bath To evaluate the level of preparation of the runners in the race. Couples who finish in last place will be disqualified from the program.

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Looks like the second episode of the reality show is going to get some great reactions. In the first episode, the program was followed by two million viewers, which led to very positive results for the shape of Italy 1.

Francesco Ciovalo makes Sulley Sorge cry

Barbara Dorso Asked Francesco Ciovalo To tell one of the most difficult moments of his life. the hero of the story Bubba and Nerdy He had to deal with a tumor in the head.

The young man discovered his health problem after falling and being hit in the head. After he was taken to the hospital and the next CT scan, the truth came out. For this reason, he underwent surgery, which happily went in the right direction.

Story of the chiofalo, With his mother in the studio, he pleased everyone present. Soleil rise She let herself go to a cry from the heart. crying too Federico Laurie and other Italia1 competitors.

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