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France, 'They offered bribes to an Italian businessman to win bids: Two executives of Otv (Violia) accused

France, ‘They offered bribes to an Italian businessman to win bids: Two executives of Otv (Violia) accused

They tried to bribe with Packages in millions of euros The Italian company that competed with them for the gods Huge Contracts NS water treatment in French cities. Thus, according to the information collected by MediapartAnd Patrick Barbalat NS Didier Le Talec, respectively former deputy general manager and regional director of OtvAssociated with multinational corporations veolia, by an investigative judge Nicholas Obertin, which is being investigated corruption Within the Ile-de-France Public Sanitation Company, syab. Even the lawyer Dominique PeleFormer Deputy Secretary-General then spokesmanomp, the former party of Nicolas Sarkozy, between 2007 and 2011 who introduced himself at that time as a representative of Siaap, it seems that he is “a witness” (A position between the witness and the accused, and the situation may change during the investigation).

According to the indictment, the case created by the CEOs of the leading companies in the sector is a real one “The Cartel That Cancels the Competition” Restrict access to these important contracts to other realities, national and foreign, who wish to attempt to enter into Public Procurement Business in the water treatment sector. A real system arose, as I also told him FQ Millennium In the investigation of 2019, from the testimonies and recordings provided by the Italian businessman Marco SchiavioItalian company owner Passavant That he was able to participate in those bids, and he also submitted the best bid on more than one occasion but without winning the bid. The results led him to appeal without ever accepting it.

In the months when calls were still open, Schiavio received Many pressures and economic offers, as evidenced by the recordings he himself made to French prosecutors, to disproportionately increase his economic offer, in favor of the victory of the competition of the sector giants. Suggestions always return to the sender. One of these, which was presented to him on March 4, 2015 at the Meridian Hotel in Paris, became the subject of investigation. During that meeting, which was not the first of its kind, Barbalat and Lutalik proposed to him Avoid asylum vs Pay all additional costs, including notifications and attorneys. In addition, they also offer him the possibility to enter a file Export turnover 20-25 million a year If he decided not to take part in another race, he ended up in the crosshairs of the big names in the sector. All offers were rejected.

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Before the judges, the two defendants did not deny the proposal for solutions contained in the recordings on Schiavio, but argue that this was merely a tactic to put the Italian businessman under surveillance, accusing him of introducing himself to OTV executives. Attempt lug in exchange for his withdrawal. “We just wanted to understand his intentions – they declared – and we did a fantasy.” However, at the same time, the two executives were unable to provide any evidence of the safeguards and precautions they should have taken before going to Schiavio to make an illegal bid. ‘It was something exceptional’Barbalat justified himself.

According to the Italian’s account, prior to the March 2015 offer, Schiavio had already received a similar offer from OTV’s top management. On January 15, 2014, it was Patrick Barbalat, at Les Jardins de la Villa in the French capital, who offered him “a million euros for my bid increase (for the tender, so) from At least 100 million eurosThis is to encourage competition. “My arm fell, I was very surprised – explained the Italian businessman – I would have been less surprised if this proposal had been made in Central African Republic. But I didn’t expect it at all in Paris.” One of Marco Schiaffio’s associates, Andrea Lazzani, Those present during the meeting, confirmed this. However, even in this case, Barbalat claims that the request for money came from the Italian businessman.

Regarding the role played by Dominique Payet, who in the past was also a consultant to Passavant, the judges are analyzing the contents of another recording, this time over the phone, of a conversation between the lawyer and Schiavio in April 2016. About that on this occasion, Bailly said it was filled out by The same public body that should judge the integrity and transparency of giving, in fact Siaap. under conversion I offered another bribe No bid was submitted for the pouring of the Seine, Aval Akiris: One million 350 thousand euros.

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