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France sells three frigates to Greece, and tension between Paris and Washington increases

France sells three frigates to Greece, and tension between Paris and Washington increases

In the end there will be France To sell 3 frigates to Greece, in small retaliation for the huge lost Australian submarine order, which a few weeks ago caused a diplomatic crisis. Paris It identifies a parade of four frigates in Athens that Washington had given the “green light” a few hours before the “expiration” of the announcement of the signing between the two European countries. It was Athens itself that confirmed that it would buy warships from France, removing doubts and speculation that might lead to a new military-diplomatic crisis like the one that saw France oppose the American-Australian triumvirate.Great Britain. “The Greek-French agreement – confirmed by the Ministry of Defense in Athens – is valid and will be completed. Everything was done to the highest possible level. This is what the Greek Prime Minister himself announced.”

France and Greece, Macron’s negotiations

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, had officially ended the negotiations and signed the contract with the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, last September 28 at the Elysee. The amount requested, 3 billion euros, with France crowning Macron’s desire for a stronger European defense in the context of increased sovereignty over the continent. Yesterday, from a clear sky, the American Thunderbolt announced the green light for the possibility of selling 4 frigates to Greece in competition with the “package” proposed by Paris. Within a few hours, on both sides of the ocean, the shadows of the September crisis of the AUKUS partnership, the security agreement signed between Washington, Canberra and London, which destroyed the sale of 12 French submarines to Australia, resumed.

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Paris and the offer from the United States

Paris protested the “decade of the century” by withdrawing its ambassadors from the United States and Australia, worth more than 30 billion euros. But today Paris immediately made it clear that there was no discussion of the sale of frigates to Greece, and called the American bid a “hero” without accusing Washington of plotting behind France. “Since we are in talks with the Greeks – said the French Armed Forces Ministry – the American offer is no longer on the table. Moreover, we signed the contract with the Greeks days ago.” Another dispute with the AUKUS autumn crisis, Paris was informed of the American announcement before it happened, on The opposite of what you say happened to submarines in Australia.” They wrote to us — explained the French Ministry — explained to us that “in the name of our good relations, after the AUKUS problem, we warned you. There are no ambitions to move forward.” The Franco-Greek agreement on three defense and intervention frigates states that The boats are being built in France by Naval Group, in Brittany, in Lorient, to be delivered to the Greek Navy in 2025 and 2026. A fourth frigate “in option” has been identified.