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France, Hollande reappears: candidate in the elections for the New Popular Front


He will run in his political stronghold Correzin the middle Franceride Socialist Party (PS) And within an alliance New Popular Front. François HollandeHe surprisingly announced his candidacy for the upcoming legislative elections on June 30 and July 7. The former President of the French Republic, who held office from 2012 to 2017, is hated by the radical left and at odds with the First Secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier FaureHe explained that he returned to the field to prevent the riseThe extreme right.

Holland Declaration

The nomination of Hollande (69 years old) as a representative for Corrèze from 1988 to 1993 and from 1997 to 2012 was a major victory. a surprise. Not only to public opinion, but also to some of his teammates. “I wasn’t aware of that. Hello to all who are ready to defend the colors of this new front together. I take note of this and hope that you will launch an active campaign.Four announced, extending his hand to the former leader.

Newspaper Le Figaro He wrote, citing an anonymous Socialist Party leader who was initially nominated for the Corrèze constituency Bernard CombsMayor of Toul and friend of François Hollande. “Hollande may have asked him to step downThe leader added to French media, supporting the New Popular Front.

Hollande had called in the second round of the last elections to support the candidates most suitable for “Avoid the far right“And if you are – even if they are.”Republicans or presidential majority“, in defense of”Principle of withdrawal“From the left if necessary.

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Return to the field (surprise)

François Hollande announced this week that he recognizes himself in the approach and project of the New Popular Front. In these circumstances, We take note To choose Correz Union to invest in“, wrote PS on X anyway.

The outgoing “rebel” MP François RuffinOne of the architects of the New Popular Front was wary of the idea that Hollande might go down this path. “Can we believe that Hollande transformed overnight? Who would suddenly prefer to retire at 60, and who would suddenly prefer to tie wages to inflation? i doubt it“, Ruffin asked himself in recent days.

However, the Minister of Justice’s reaction was dry. Eric Dupond-MorettiWho joked about the former president’s nomination, saying, “Pathetic“.I suggest to Mr Hollande that he take on Philippe Puteaux of the New Anti-Capitalist Party, nominated for the Aude Prize, as a replacement. He would make an excellent team.Moretti joked.

Disagreements with the Socialist Party

The leadership of the Socialist Party objected to this Televisions France Who granted Appointment the ‘supports Hollande’s New Popular Front, explaining that “Only bodies of the National Council or the National Office may nominate candidatesAfter that, the party itself announced that it had taken note of the selection of the Socialist Party Union in Corrèze to assign the former French president to the aforementioned position.

Hollande will try to benefit from the votes of many Voters He went out into the street In Paris while waiting

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Demonstration of opposition against National Rally (R) to Marine Le PenAs the most likely candidate in the upcoming political elections in France. The task is expected to be arduous.


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