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France, criticism of Macron for the consultancy entrusted to McKinsey: "More than a billion spent in 2021 alone"

France, criticism of Macron for the consultancy entrusted to McKinsey: “More than a billion spent in 2021 alone”

French president and candidate in the Elysee race, Emmanuel MacronDenouncing the “differences” regarding the controversy over the contracts concluded in the past five years between the state and consulting firms such as the American McKinsey Corporation. On March 17, the Senate revealed that state orders for this type of performance are “more than doubled” Between 2018 and 2021, it reached A record amount of more than one billion euros in 2021. Incidentally, McKinsey has been the most requested consulting firm by the French state during the pandemic. A controversial topic that Macron’s political opponents have used in recent days in light of the April 10 and 24 vote. a year ago too Draghi government Appealed for “technical” advice on the recovery plan entrusted to him McKinsey for 25 thousand euros.

Today, the presidential candidate tail by Marine Le Pen He denounced the National Rally in opinion polls “argument”, Back to explain those external offers. “We have never delegated public services to outside suppliers,” he stressed during a crowd of citizens on the street. But when, for example, “it is necessary to provide IT services, to adapt to cyber securitythese are skills that we do not have in the state” and therefore it is “appropriate” to resort to external services instead of hiring new employees in the long term. “If the state resorts to this type of external service 4-5 times more than our partners, it will not be normal, but If we see our partners, we do 4-5 times less,” Macron shorted, setting him parallel with other European countries. In recent weeks, as the vote on the Elysee approaches, many presidential candidates, including Yannick Jadot (EELV), Eric Zemmour (Reconquete), or Jean-Luc Mélenchon (La France Insoumise) They decried the government’s use of private consulting firms. Some, like Xavier Bertrand, go so far as to speak of a “state scandal”.

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Macron has already commented in recent days. “If there is evidence of tampering, let’s go to the criminal,” he told Dimanche Politique radio on France 3. “One gets the impression that there has been some absurdity, that is a mistake. No contract is concluded in the Republic without respecting the rules of public procurement.” As for the presidential candidate when he takes over the ministries “They work day and night”, that “asking for help from outside suppliers is not shocking.” McKennessy is also indicted by the Senate Not paying corporate tax for years The senators in recent days have denounced the leader of the group, Karim Taj El Dinrespect for perjury, Relations with the French tax authorities. For Macron, this situation is due to outdated tax rules. However, the En Marche founder argued, “I have fought” for a minimum tax on large collections and “these issues will be out in a few months”.