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Francavilla Fontana is a public space dedicated to cross-country jogging

Francavilla Fontana is a public space dedicated to cross-country jogging

The area dedicated to the new Fermi begins to re-emerge thanks to sportiness

FRANCAVILLA FONTANA – The land of about 35 thousand square meters, which was sold by the municipal administration to the province of Brindisi for the construction of the new school campus, has been transferred on the proposal of ASD Imperiali Atletica to A circuit dedicated to cross-country running and outdoor physical activity.

Kids and athletes from Francavilla had a one kilometer track at their disposal for a few days, bounded by a dirt track away from cars and traffic.

Based on the agreement stipulated with the administration of the municipality, Imperiali Atletica will take care of the maintenance of the area and will be able to use the land until the province needs to take possession of the area for the obligations associated with the start of the construction site.

ASD Imperiali Athletics Proposal – Mayor Antonello DiNozzo announces – Our interest was immediately met. As long as the county needs to find the resources and start working on the new school, a large free area is currently being redeveloped, which will be able to accommodate young people, racing fans and simple citizens looking for a place to walk safely away from exhaust fumes.

The circuit will host girls and boys from Francavilla schools on Friday, January 20, starting at 8:00 for the municipal stage of the students’ championship.

“finally – Sports consultant Maria Angelotti concludes – Our city has a public space dedicated to cross-country running. Together with Imperiali Atletica, we are pleased to welcome on January 20th sports-loving boys and girls who will express all their talents on a day dedicated to them.

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