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Foxtron: Here’s the Model B


Hon Hai Technology Group known as Foxconn Known above all as an iPhone manufacturer, it has decided to diversify its production activity by investing huge capital in the electric vehicle sector. In 2020, develop a program Open source hardware and software that can also be used by third-party companies to produce electric vehicles. Last year acquired the most Factory in Lordstown, Ohio, and is currently building a large plant in Wisconsin where it is expected to make electric cars.

By signing an agreement with Yulon Motors, to create the brand FoxtronSpecifically for electric vehicles, in 2021, the consumer electronics giant introduced E . model and the intersection model c (over here to know more). Then the process of expanding the product range was completed a few days ago when, on the occasion of the third Hon Hai Technology Day (HHTD), Foxconn make the agreement Model B And the truck Fifth Form.

there Foxtron Model B (In the pictures above), like previous models, was developed in collaboration with Pininfarinai. It’s an electric compact (430 cm tall) that should have the Volkswagen ID.3 and Cobra Burne as contenders. Based on the same platform as the C, the Foxtron B is technologically well-proportioned and well-proportioned, with elegant elements such as the third rear pillar featuring graphics that evoke the same style visible on the headlights. Thanks to painstaking aerodynamic “care”, the Model B has an aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.26. Its range is 450 km.

Little information has been released on pick-up Fifth Foxtron Model (In the picture above). The vehicle is based on a double cabin and 5-seater configuration, with a payload capacity of 1 ton and a towing capacity of up to 3 tons. Designed for both city and difficult terrain, it is equipped with a rich set of sensors that surround the car body and that are combined with electronic rear-view mirrors, which send images to the display of the multimedia system.

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> For Hon Hai Tech Day 2022, the final version of the Model C (pictured above) was also presented.


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