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Four earthquakes hit Italy in one day – Chronicle

Four earthquakes hit Italy in one day – Chronicle

An earthquake – the fourth of the day – was followed by another, of lesser intensity, in Modena, shortly before 5.50pm in Emilia.and in the Apennine region bordering the province of Lucca. The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv) found the main shock to have a magnitude of 3.8 and a second between 2.9 and 3.4 with its epicenter at Pievebelago (Modena). This shock was felt in the Emilian Apennines, but also in Tuscany. The president of the region, Eugenio Gianni, stated that “following the checks carried out by the regional hall together with the fire brigade and the provincial halls, there was no damage following the earthquake between Modena and Lucca”.

The 3.9-magnitude earthquake in the Marche region, the 4.1-magnitude earthquake in Liguria, and the 3.6-magnitude earthquake that struck Sicily are unrelated. In the Etna region: “There is no relationship, the distance between the earthquakes is hundreds of kilometers, so there is a connection”, seismologist Carlo Meletti, from the Pisa division of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv).

Of the three earthquakes, the deepest (24 kilometers) occurred in the Marche region of Folignano in the province of Ascoli Piceno.: “It is deeper than the usual earthquakes of the Apennines”, added the expert. “It’s located on the coast of the Marche, in an external belt with its own seismicity,” he added, with mechanisms different from those seen in regular earthquakes in the Apennines. The earthquake in Liguria has some peculiarities, it is very non-seismic and historically no strong earthquakes have been recorded. Also in this case the mechanism is different from the Apennines earthquakes and is linked to compression between the Apennines in the east and the Alps in the west. As for the earthquake in Sicily, although it occurred in the Etna region, it was produced by a mechanism independent of the volcano and linked to faults in the area known to seismologists.

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The earthquake in Liguria – workers in several offices were left on the street – was alerted at around 15:40 and measured 4.1 on the Richter scale, according to Ingv. 2 km W with epicenter in Barcagli (Genoa) area – geographic coordinates (lat, lon) 44.4390, 9.0680 – 10 km depth. It was felt very strongly on the upper floors of buildings and the window panes shook. The shock was especially felt in Genoa and the Levant, Barcaglie, Davagna, and Doriglia. Earthquake movement surprised east coast travelers from Portofino to Sestri Levante, those in high-rise hotels and beachgoers. After this first quake, another 2.6 magnitude earthquake was felt at 5.32 pm.

The operations room of the Civil Protection of Liguria is in contact with the national department carrying out all the necessary tests, but from the first observation there was no damage to buildings or people. However, all contacts for further information remain active. Meanwhile, train services on the Genoa-La Spezia line have been suspended as a precaution: trains are not running between Genoa Brignole and Santa Margherita Ligure. After sending alerts to Information Systems Operations Center. Reconnaissance work is underway to verify the presence of these systems in the ranks of RFI technicians. Trains have also been suspended on three routes from Genoa to Milan, Turin and Bussalla.. And in this case, the general area from the capital to Ronco Scrivia has been closed as a precaution to allow technicians to carry out on-site inspections. Trains will stop at the station till 20.00 hrsAti, thousands of people are waiting to leave and cannot prepare shuttle services at this time. Trentalia also confirmed that the tests are ongoing for several hours, but that teams of technicians are going on foot and with trolleys.

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An earthquake in the Genoese area, on the other hand, would have toppled a statue in the church at Pive Alta.. This was confirmed by Governor Giovanni Totti. “From an initial observation – said the President – the earthquake damaged the Pieve Church
High and a statue collapsed in the church. The important thing is that there are no injuries this time. ”There are about fifteen interventions.
Firefighters in Genoa for plaster detachment or small cracks in walls after trauma. Firefighters intervened in particular on Corso Italia and Corso Europa and Levant. Fire department inspections revealed no structural problems or hazards.

The Italian Situation Room of the Civil Protection Department contacted the local structures of the National Civil Protection Service following the shock registered by Inqui in the province of Ascoli Piceno at 12.24 on the Richter scale at 12.24. A minute after the earthquake, at 12.25 p.m., another event of magnitude 3.6 occurred.. From the first tests carried out, the department reports, the phenomenon – whose epicenter is located in the cities of Folignano (AP), Civitella del Trondo (TE) and Ascoli Piceno – is alerted by the population, but there is no damage to persons or property. reported.

When the earthquake was felt in Ascoli Piceno, people took to the streets. Some school groups have also come out
Middle School ‘Candalemesa’ assembled in the institute sector. Other schools did not let students out. There were no alarming scenes and now things are back to normal.

A magnitude 2.5 earthquake was recorded by the Ingv network at 12:35 with its epicenter 3 km from Civitella del Tronto (Teramo). This is the fourth earthquake recorded in nearby Folignano (Ascoli Piceno) after the one in Marseille, with magnitudes of 4.1, 3.6 and 12:24, 12:25 and 12:27 recorded by Ingv respectively. 2.0., the first two were also clearly felt in the teramo area. Primary schools were evacuated in Teramo and some towns in the province.

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