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Formula 1, Spanish Grand Prix, result: Verstappen wins over Norris and Hamilton. Leclerc was fifth ahead of Sainz and then controversy erupted at Ferrari


Max’s lessons, Louis’ return. Another disappointment for Ferrari

“I lost the race at the start, which is a shame because we had a supercar.” Another regret, another missed opportunity. In Canada, he attacked the strategy and the team, this time at himself: “I made a mistake.” The difference between an excellent driver and a champion, Norris left a gap for Verstappen and it ate him up. A few meters away, Russell takes advantage, tagging the first twoHe takes the lead and outperforms everyone from fourth place.

But he does not last long there, because Max attacks him in the first laps and attacks him mercilessly. Lando has to rebuild his race, while Ferrari has never raced. The only spark in the duel came at home at the start when Charles was outmaneuvered and enraged by Carlos: headwinds of accusations and rejoinders blew in, adding tension to a week already filled with negativity. The situations eventually flipped between team orders and questionable strategies, which changes nothing at the end of an exam that goes very badly. There was no pace in qualifying and there wasn’t even in the race, and Leclerc on the faster tires couldn’t even finish fourth behind Russell on the hard tyres.

Mercedes took the podium for the second race in a row, this time with Lewis Hamilton who had not seen a top three finish since last year. In the week of the anonymous email story. But Toto Wolff’s team, Vasseur’s team, is on the decline and is currently the fourth power. After the disaster in Canada, they finished fifth and sixth on the track that more than anyone else defines the strengths and limitations of the single-seater. The developments were unsuccessful, and Charles finished 22’7 ahead of Verstappen. Eternity. In Barcelona, ​​since the track was changed, the corners are as fast as those at Silverstone. And red is struggling. Awesome way to open a European trilogy, a month with five dates in six weeks. The victory in Monaco was deceptive and raised expectations to the extreme. From Catalonia comes a cold shower and the awareness of the necessity of action in a battle now at 3-4 as the usual Verstappen continues to make the difference.

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Perez, who saw him? He started in eleventh place and finished in eighth place, and behind him in the points we see the Alps again with Gasly and Ocon, for Briatore a little joy in his debut as a special advisor. The Verstappen era at Barcelona began in 2016, and the Dutchman’s legend continues. But others have arrived, and Ferrari is unfortunately at the bottom of the pack.


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