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For the first time, the Minister of Economy shot

For the first time, the Minister of Economy shot

There is no formalization yet but Giancarlo prices are rising Giorgetti: In the end, in fact, Matthew’s resistance was overcome salvini, He must be the chosen person for the strategic and desired Treasury Fund, especially at the time PNRR number.

Minister of Economy, is it up to Georgiatti?

What is certain is that anyone will come Via XX Settembre You will have to deal with a nice list of issues or, if you prefer, files looking for an urgent solution since the installation of the new closet owner will coincide with Lots of deadlines.

Certainly, Giorgetti – or anyone for him – would be responsible for dealing with Dl quater to expand support measures for families and businesses against Dear Energy The October 31. Some interventions that should characterize the first official government action are also to be expected.

From expensive bills to maneuvering and starting a fire

Then it will be the turn of the Budget Law. And here the first problems can begin given that if he takes into account all the measures of the center-right – starting with the flat tax on which Salvini and Meloni depend among others – he will have to count on a grant of at least 30 billion.

ITA, next steps

Also on the table is a file ETA Airlines Its complex privatization with negotiations initiated but not specified by outgoing Minister Franco. Not to mention that you have to communicate with others 55 lenses To get the third tranche of the valid PNRR 19 billion.

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Meanwhile, the new government. In the league Presiding over the Chamber, with Lorenzo Fontana and five or six ministries, among which in the end it seems that there will be, as we mentioned, the Ministry of Economy, with Giancarlo Giorgetti who also receives the direct endorsement of Meloni (“I think he will be an excellent Minister of Economy”, he says).

Forza Italia has four seats, including Farnesina, assigned to Antonio Tajani, but no justice, no role in government for Lecia Runzulli.

The next prime minister emerges from the most tense phase of negotiations over the executive branch that will come with a strengthened ally, Salvini (towards infrastructures), and a miniature ally, Silvio Berlusconi.

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