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For sale villa with sea view with swimming pool and hydromassage: ex-husband included in the offer

For sale villa with sea view with swimming pool and hydromassage: ex-husband included in the offer

How do you get rid of the house and the freewheeling at once? By putting them up for sale together. Incredible real estate proposal comes from Florida In the US, 43-year-old real estate agent Crystal Ball is looking to sell a stunning three-bedroom property in a Panama City beach with a patio, pool, and hot tub and Richard, aka ex-husband. After 7 years, the couple decided to end their relationship, according to a New York Post report, staying on excellent terms, to be good parents and to continue running the business they shared.

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The newly divorced is trying to sell the house for $699,000, but future owners can enjoy a very special discount if they “just” decide to welcome her into their home. Photos of the property posted to Facebook by Zillow Gone Wild are not to be missed. Richard allowed himself to be photographed in suggestive poses among the rooms of the house. There is a tender version with maxi plush, the shy guy leaning against the door jamb or the sexy manly guy showing off his muscles. But human is not only photogenic. And the advertisement assures that it will help with cooking, cleaning and handling repairs – a real versatile device.

The man is also sarcastically “advertised” in the physical details: “Bald, like eagles soaring in the sky over S. Lagoon a few steps away from the huge path. Extra-large ears will pick up any squeaks to ensure a quick spray of lubricant onto new machines. The big nose will pick up any smell before you even think about taking the trash out the cool front door. The ad succeeds in simultaneously promoting the qualities of, perhaps, the future roommate and properties of the property. Richard with “Superpower – continues – will save you years of hard work by lifting the hot-tub cover.”

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“I’m a huge fan of creative marketing and felt this was an appropriate way to announce my divorce, name change and new real estate job,” Paul told Newsweek. Meanwhile, the property listing has been taken down several times because agents say it’s against the rules, but the 43-year-old says it’s common practice in the state to sell homes with renters. Overall, Paul said the responses were positive and funny.

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