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For colorful pergolas or balconies, a wonderful unknown climbing plant is enough

For colorful pergolas or balconies, a wonderful unknown climbing plant is enough

As we approach the end of summer and fall, we often think it’s best to forego plants and flowers for outdoor spaces. This belief is wrong, as there are many plants that are resistant to cold temperatures and which can give color to pergolas and balconies.

Waking up every day and finding ourselves in an environment full of bright colors positively affects our mood, especially during cold and gloomy winter days.

Sweet pea is a climbing annual plant that belongs to the legume family and is distinguished by beautiful decorative foliage.

This annual climber is especially popular in countries Anglo-Saxon While in our country it is rarely grown.

In the spring, they begin to develop fragrant, butterfly-shaped flowers that range in color from pink to white, yellow, and purple.

Excellent drainage is essential for sweet peas and they need soft, well-fertilized soil, with both minerals and compost.

For colorful pergolas or balconies, a wonderful unknown climbing plant is enough

Sowing should be done in the fall, before the usual heavy rains of the season, remembering that even in pots, this plant needs support.

In a few months, we will notice a large growth in the same and when the stem exceeds about 10 cm, we will have to tie it to the vertical supports.

You can use twigs, sticks or even ropes tied to a support, the important thing is that they are solid and high enough to contain their development.

This plant can also reach a height of more than two meters, which is why it is used as a climbing or falling plant to decorate pergolas and balconies.

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It is a plant that does not need a lot of water, just wet it regularly and make sure the soil is dry before watering it again.

For colorful pergolas and balconies, you just need a wonderful little-known climbing plant that will be the envy of the whole neighborhood.

More information

Sweet peas love being in the sun but also grow well in partial shade areas.

The exposure differs from the region in which we live, for example in central and northern Italy they develop well in the sun, while in the south it is recommended to place them in partial shade.

This plant can be attacked by aphidsIf the soil is poorly drained, it can be affected by root rot.


Here is the perfect heart-shaped climbing plant for the home that has become so popular.

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